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By Terri Mitchell

Cool and clever ways to use cucumbers for health and well-being

Cucumbers are a tasty and widely available vegetable; did you know that they also can play an important role in health and wellness? There are many advantages to eating this delicious vegetable, including some that you may not have realized before.

Some of the compelling benefits of cucumbers include the following:

The eyes have it.

If you have never experienced the invigoration of putting sliced cucumbers on your eyes, then you are really missing out. This helps to refresh and brighten your eyes, getting rid of bags or dark circles. This is a treatment commonly found in high-end spas or beauty salons. Just think – you can look refreshed and feel amazing all for the cost of a single cucumber!

Drink yourself beautiful.

Cucumbers are full of potassium and vitamins C and A, which are important to healthy skin. Try infusing your water with slices of fresh, crisp cucumber. If you really want a beverage that is refreshing and that packs a vitamin C punch, add some sliced lemons or limes to the water, too. High-end spas and resorts often offer cucumber water to their guests, and it is divinely refreshing!

The healing power of cukes.

The antioxidants in cucumbers play a vital role in warding off illness and disease. These powerful nutrients also can help prevent issues that usually accompany aging, such as aches, pains, poor circulation, and frailty. Be sure to incorporate a few slices in your salads, pastas, or just as a snack for good health.

Build better bones.

Cucumbers are also lauded for containing Vitamin K, which helps in building strong bone mass. This is especially important for women to ward off and prevent osteoporosis. Consider keeping fresh cucumbers on hand for snacking.

Stay sharp.

Cucumbers are also being touted as an effective way to curb the neuronal damage that often accompanies dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. The vitamin K content of cucumbers can slow down or limit the damage done to the brain in patients with these conditions.

Eat cucumbers and lose weight?

Cucumbers are a tasty, low-calorie food, so eating them daily makes good diet sense. However, they also contain a mild diuretic which can help reduce water bloat and help you to lose weight. Bulk up salads, sandwiches, and even pasta with these extraordinary veggies.

Cucumbers clean you out.

Cucumbers are also attributed with helping to clean out the colon, which can decrease risk for related types of cancer. This vegetable and the fiber that it contains are considered helpful for moving toxic compounds out of the intestinal system and your gut. Dietary fiber is critical when you are trying to lose weight.

The cucumber is an inexpensive veggie that is found widely all year long. This means that there really is no excuse not to incorporate more cucumbers in your daily diet. With so many healthful benefits of eating cukes, it makes sense to add them to your meals and beverages whenever possible, particularly when you are conscientious about your health or trying to lose weight.

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