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By Terri Mitchell

Funky floral arrangements to make with stuff around your home

Spring means fresh flowers, and there are some clever ways to display them without spending a fortune on vases or pots. Try using items that you may already have in your home to give your flowers a unique spin and fresh look.

Some funky floral displays that you can create yourself include these ideas:

A bouquet in a boot. If you are in thrift stores, keep an eye out for cute, colorful rain boots. These make excellent vessels for placing bud vases filled with your favorite flowers. Choose a vase that is shorter than the boot, or fill the bottom of the boot with water-saturated floral foam to stick the stems directly in for a bouquet in a boot!

A purse full of posies. Another fun idea involves a recycled purse; fill the inside with a plastic liner or use aluminum foil to prevent leakage. Saturate a chunk of floral foam with water, and place this inside the lined purse before adding stems and blooms to the foam. Place on a bedside table or in a dressing area for a fresh touch that fits the theme of the space.

A cute cupcake display. If you happen to have a cupcake stand on hand, then you have the foundation for an intriguing and unique floral display. Use individual bottles, spice jars, or other small vases on each pedestal, and fill each with a little water and a single bloom. You might add a little bit of greenery to each vase to make the display even more dramatic and full.

A blooming suitcase. Take an old suitcase out of storage to use for an unconventional and whimsical floral arrangement. Line the bottom with something to prevent water from seeping through, like plastic or tinfoil, and use blocks of floral foam to fill one side of the open suitcase. Fill the foam with flower stems and greens until you can't see the foam any longer; water well when done. Prop the lid of the suitcase against a wall or window so the flowers appear to be bursting out of the display!

Tea for two – or twenty. Put your teacup collection to good use with this clever and whimsical idea. Use the individual cups with saucers to recreate the rose-bowl; add the heads of your favorite flowers to a cup that is half-filled with water. Use a variety of these in the center of your table, on a tray or doily, to create a sweet centerpiece, or use individual cups at place settings for a party.

Blossoming floral bowls. Another clever idea to make the most of a few stems or blooms is with a bowl. Repurpose a shallow, glass bowl into a floral arrangement by cutting the flower short, just below the head of the bloom. Add a couple of inches of water to the bowl and let the blossom float on the surface of the water. Use more flowers for larger bowls. These make simply lovely accents for a bathroom countertop or a guest bedroom.

There are so many fun ideas for floral arrangements right under your nose; try recycling some ordinary things, like suitcases and teacups, to create clever floral displays that brighten up any space. Try these ideas to bring a bit of fresh flowery fun to the home this spring, or to give an unexpected gift to someone special.

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