Bring Some Good Ch'i Into Your Office Space With Feng Shui


Feng shui is an ancient practice that involves configuring and decorating spaces to optimize the flow of positive energy throughout the space. This can be extended to your home office area, where you may want to increase good ch’i to enhance productivity or success. You may find that you don’t need to go out and buy things to improve the energy in the room; rearranging furnishings may be all that you need to make the most of the room’s inherent feng shui potential.

Feng shui tips for office configurations include these suggestions:

Your desk. The desk is usually the most important component of an office, and it should be placed in a command position. Typically, this means to position your desk facing the door, but not directly in front of it. Maintain a view of the entire room, as well as a window to the outside, to be in a command position of your office.

The door. Don’t ever sit or work with your back to the door. Avoid talking on the phone or conducting any business while turned away from the entrance to your office space. Also, keep your workspace facing the door to the room but not directly in line of it, so that the force of positive energy, or ch’i, doesn’t negatively impact you while you work.

Conference rooms. If you have been thinking about designating a meeting or conference room, use feng shui to make it a positive and productive space. Choose a room that is large enough to comfortably contain staff, if possible, and try to pick a space that is out of view of stairs, bathrooms, and the entrance to your building or suite.

The colors. Choose the best colors to suit the mission of your work or business. For example, red represents fire and vitality; use red in areas of your office to bring excitement and energy. Here are some other potential colors to incorporate:

  • Earth tones represent stability and security.
  • Green symbolizes luck, good fortune, and money.
  • Light green and light blue represent teamwork.

Accent ideas. Clear the clutter to make room for good ch’i to flow freely through your office space. Look for soothing, stress-relieving objects to accent the room, such as relaxing pictures or tranquil features like a tabletop fountain. Avoid mirrors, which can reflect bad energy from clients, customers, or colleagues into your workspace.

Use some simple suggestions to increase the potential for good energy and positive ch’i to flow throughout your workspace:

  • Keep a few beautiful objects in your office to inspire you.
  • Stay organized to maintain positivity and productivity.
  • Seek to balance out the room visually, and create harmony with cohesive colors and décor.
  • Don’t let elements in your space compete with one another. Use contrasting elements of fire and water in a balanced way, while not allowing one to overpower the other.
  • Keep windows in the space unobstructed, and let as much natural light in the room as possible. This will not only invigorate you and make you feel recharged, it can also improve productivity!

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