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By Raani Starnes

Change the curtains, change the room

Buying new curtains is a fun way to change the look and feel of every room of your home. Inexpensive curtain panels and rods can be found at discount department stores in a wide array of colors and styles. When shopping for these panels, be sure to read the package. Curtain panels usually come only one to a package, despite what you may see in the picture. You will probably need to purchase at least two panels to achieve your desired look. Color, light level and your decorating style are three things to consider when selecting curtains.


Different colors and light levels can affect your energy level and mood, so your goals for the bedroom will be different than for the living room. Think about how each room is used and how you would like to feel while in that room. Select colors that make you feel good, while complementing your existing décor.

Blues and greens are considered calming, so those colors work well in bedrooms. Red is considered too stimulating for bedrooms, but darker shades of red can add a touch of elegance to your living room. Yellow is considered energizing and uplifting and works well in kitchens and bathrooms. If a room is already decorated in a very bold color, consider using neutral curtains to help tone things down. If you are renting your home and not allowed to change the wall color, brightly colored curtains are the perfect way to express your individuality in an otherwise neutral house.


Light-colored curtains can make a room look larger. Sheer or lace curtains can add a romantic feel and let in plenty of light for a bright and airy feel. Sunshine sells, so you may want to consider going with sheer panels when preparing a home for the market. Lined curtains can transform a bright bedroom into a cool, dark hideaway for napping at any time of day. Select a calming color, and you'll sleep like a baby.


A window scarf either drapes over a rod or is secured by hooks and is somewhere in between a curtain and a valance. This elegant, looped look is perfect for creating an upscale parlor area. Unless you are going with a valance or window scarf, floor-length curtains are usually the best choice for living rooms and bedrooms. Shorter café curtains work well in kitchens and bathrooms where long draperies aren't practical. Valances are also ideal for small windows where privacy is not a major concern, and you may even consider making your own kitchen or bathroom valances since they do not require much fabric.

Curtains can cost as little as $7.00 per panel, so there is no need to be content with those plain-looking blinds that came with the house. In fact, having blinds for privacy will give you the freedom to use affordable unlined curtains or fun homemade valances for decorating purposes only. Adding curtains or switching out your curtains will drastically change the look and feel of any room.

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