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By Thea Theresa English

How to determine the viability of your startup idea

The thought of creating a successful business sounds great until you find out that your idea stinks to the general public and potential investors. It is good to be excited about your startup idea but you should research the market for your services and determine if your idea will work in the long run. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with embarking on an idea that may not initially be welcomed by potential customers and investors because one day they might catch on to it.

Is there a demand for your services?

One thing you need to consider when creating a startup is the level of demand for your services. You might want to open a hair salon for pets but if your city already has a few pet grooming centers that are highly successful, your company might suffer. But if you move to a smaller town where there is a greater need for your services, you could succeed in that town. Also study the demographics of your target customer base and what their current spending habits.

Talk to potential customers

This is one of the best ways to decide if your startup will work and earn revenue long term. If you are opening a temporary employment agency to assist low-income families in finding temp work that could become permanent employment, visit low-income communities and hold free sessions with potential clients to see if they would be interested in what you have to offer.

Get your network in place

Another way to determine the viability of your business is to gather your network so you will have the mentoring and support you need. If you currently work as an elementary teacher but have decided to create a line of homeschooling materials specifically designed for families of a certain culture, reach out to former colleagues, homeschooling families you know, and local homeschooling experts. Join homeschool educator groups and research what you will need to do to create effective homeschool materials.

Can your services solve a problem?

The best startups are those that solve problems and this is something to consider when starting a company. Look around your community and identify different needs. Then you need to figure out if your services can meet those needs. You might find that there is a lack of daycare centers that offer nighttime services for parents who work at night. Your new daycare center can meet this need.

What is your enthusiasm level?

Even if your startup is unique and viable, your business will not succeed if you are not passionate about it. Businesses thrive not just on steady revenue and a strong reputation but also the level of enthusiasm that you show for the business.

Is your management team strong and experienced?

Startups often fail because they lack a strong management team. You need to assemble a team of experienced and business savvy persons who understand your goals for the business and who have innovative ideas that will boost revenue and a great reputation for the company.

With the above mentioned factors to consider, this should help you determine if your startup is a great idea or if it should be abandoned for now.

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