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By Thea Theresa English

Help your preschooler build great vocabulary skills

Your preschooler is learning something new everyday and his brain is becoming more developed. He also has an increased curiosity about the world around him and he needs to learn to express himself with strong vocabulary skills. There are plenty of ways to build his vocabulary skills and here are some ideas to get you started.

Use interesting vocabulary in conversations

Just because your preschooler has a limited understanding of vocabulary words doesn't mean that you cannot use adult words while talking to him. If he doesn't understand certain words, tell him what they mean and use those words in examples he can understand. Over time he might start using those words in the right context and you will be amazed.

Let your child lead in story time

Another way to build your child's vocabulary is to let him take the lead during storytime. Have him tell his own story and as he tells it, point out the meanings of words that he uses. With this activity your child learns to create ideas, use his imagination and entertain himself as well as others in a fun way.

Stick labels on common products

Another method of increasing his vocabulary skills is to put labels in big colorful letters on commonly used products. Then as your child sees the labels, point out and pronounce the items to him. You can also tell him what those items are used for and demonstrate how to use them. This teaches your child how to associate certain objects with different uses.

Consider his interests

If your preschooler has a current interest in baking, buy her a bake set and use this activity as a way to introduce new words. Since you are doing a baking activity you can introduce words such as bowls, cups, knives, spoon, sugar, milk, butter and flour. This helps her understand the best words to use when discussing her interest in baking.

Give him books

Look for fun, colorful and age-appropriate books to read to your preschooler. Spend at least thirty minutes a day reading with your child and do it with enthusiasm. This lets your child know that reading can be enjoyable and he learns new words in the process.

Rhyme with your child

This is a simple yet fun way to introduce new words. You can say, "The cat is really fat" or "The mouse ran outside the house." This builds his memory skills and he learns to form sentences. Also let your child practice rhyming so he can get a better understanding of which words rhyme.

Use music in your teaching

Most kids enjoy silly songs so use this to your advantage when teaching new vocabulary words. Have your child clap and sing as you pronounce and spell out the words. This activity can go on for hours and your kids can get in a workout if they dance to the songs.

Preschoolers will need strong vocabulary skills when they enter kindergarten and while they are in kindergarten they build upon what you taught them. With these strategies your child will have excellent language skills.

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