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Category: Television

The recent spate of Netflix cancellations has left fans of those shows reeling. Netflix senior executives, however, have defended their

I grew up watching shows like Murder She Wrote, the original Law and Order, Law and Order: Criminal Intent and

If you have never watched "Face Off" on the Syfy network channel, you are missing the previews of tomorrow's creepy

The actress known as Heather Locklear is legendary. She is one of those actresses that does not seem to age

The first six-episode season of the new horror anthology series by SyFy, "Channel Zero," kicked off Tuesday, September 27. The

According to Neilson, 96.7 percent of American homes have televisions. Given the extensive coverage of presidential compaigns, it logically follows

Muhammad Ali will remain one of the most memorable figures due to his outstanding Olympic and Professional Boxing career. Ali

A woman sits on her sofa on a Monday evening after work, entranced by her television screen, wondering which man

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