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By Leah Harageones

5 Best Crime TV Shows of the Year 2017

I grew up watching shows like Murder She Wrote, the original Law and Order, Law and Order: Criminal Intent and more. I also particularly enjoy watching true crime documentaries and movies based on true events. So now at the end of the year, I have compiled a list for best crime tv shows of 2017. These are only based off of the ones I have seen. While I know others exist and a few may be better, these are five that I binge every season.

Law & Order: SVU [USA]

I have a soft spot for this show. I have seen every episode of every season, so I tend to be a bit biased. However, this season got to me. The latest season (the 18th) just ended, and it did not disappoint. The show is focused on tackling issues that have recently occurred, but with their own spin on things. It takes a look at the harder crimes, those of Special Victims, but the stories they weave and the acting make this one of the best crime shows in my opinion.

Chicago PD [USA]

From the same people that brings us Law & Order: SVU comes another excellent crime show. Chicago PD follows Sgt. Hank Voight and his team of detectives in Chicago. I admit I have skipped a couple episodes this season. This show focuses on the crimes that plague Chicago, including gang violence. It does not focus on the order aspect of crime as much, but it does delve into the lives of cops as they try to get through to people who have a deep distrust of police and cannot afford to say what they saw. If you are into hard-hitting crime TV shows, I would highly recommend Chicago PD.

Chicago Justice [USA]

Chicago PD recently received its own spin-off involving the order aspect of Chicago. This show follows the ASA Peter Stone. It is a more in-depth look into how the justice side of law and justice work. While it does not show much of the action, like most crime TV shows, it is still intriguing. I particularly enjoy how they go step-by-step through the process used to make sure criminals get convicted in a way most shows do not.

Gotham [FOX]

If real-life crime is not your cup of tea and you like a more superhuman twist, Gotham may be the show for you. It is based off the Batman universe, but with its own twist. There is no Batman. Bruce Wayne is a teenager still in school. Gotham specifically follows Jim Gordon as a detective. And while the traditional villains – The Joker, Penguin, The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman and more – are in the show, they have their own unique spins.

American Horror Story [FX]

Another crime show that does not follow the norms is American Horror Story. There is crime, murder, madness, and ghosts. It is gritty and a bit gory at times, but the concept is unique. Unlike most TV shows that use the same characters each season, each season of American Horror Story has a different plot, setting and characters that use the same actors. This year’s season about about the lost city of Roanoke. It is not your “standard” crime show, but it is riveting.

Pretty Little Liars [Freeform]

Pretty Little Liars is interesting in the fact that it has more twists and turns than a backwoods country road. Just when you think you have something figured out, something else happens. While it may be a bit too convoluted for some people, and those who read the book do not particularly like the creative license the series has taken with certain characters, it is a very good whodunit-style mystery. Now in its final season, the truth is finally going to be revealed and the viewers will get to see who the girls’ stalker really is.

Hopefully these 5 best crime tv shows of 2017 will keep you watching deep into the night as they did with me. Here is for more amazing TV experiences in 2018 and beyond.

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