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Category: Television

Have you ever wondered how television networks decide which shows to keep on the air and which shows to cancel?

People often utter a common quote on “insanity” – the repeating of the same thing over (and over) again and

Marketers do an incredible job of persuading children and families to desire specific toys, clothes and food. Using advertising strategies,

When it comes to learning history through television programming, viewers have several options available to them. First, and perhaps most

It is no secret that people enjoy snacking while they watch television. Why? It is convenient. While most people do

Television, already an ever-changing medium, has undergone a remarkable number of changes in the past two decades. From differences in

Partly to learn something about the human existence, partly perhaps to make oneself feel better about life choices made and

Exposure to screens and televised content seems almost unavoidable in America today. We see television broadcasts in airports, waiting rooms,

Television game shows are a popular form of family friendly entertainment that have stood the test of time. Adults and

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