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By Vermel Thomas

Reality show episodes of horror, Sci-fi and fantasy creatures

If you have never watched "Face Off" on the Syfy network channel, you are missing the previews of tomorrow's creepy monster or ghoul, in a movie or fantasy television series. "Face Off" features a beautiful host, judges and artists who make this program a daily must see with gifted artistry.1 "Face Off" helps to demystify a new creature that may appear in the film industry, because you watched its creation on this amazing reality program.


"Face Off" features the lovely McKenzie Westmore, who hosts the show. She is the daughter and granddaughter some of the film industry's famous make-up artists. McKenzie is an actress who has been working since age three, appearing in "Raging Bull," "Weird Science," "Star Trek Voyager," "Star Trek: Insurrection" and "Passions," an NBC soap opera.


McKenzie's father is Michael Westmore, who is the Mentor of "Face Off" artists. Mr. Westmore, his father and his grandfather have been a part of a makeup dynasty, which is a large part of Hollywood's golden era. Michael has received an Oscar, a star on Hollywood Boulevard, Emmy nominations and nine statuettes.

He is also the department head of a makeup project, which produces large films in India. Mr. Westmore has worked with Elizabeth Taylor, Robert DeNiro, Bette Davis and Sylvester Stallone and the films that they have starred in.


The judges on "Face Off" pronounce the winners and losers from a pool of talented artists. They include Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page. The renowned judges have all made their remarkable mark in the film industry by displaying their talents as designers, fabricators, sculptors and painters on top winning Hollywood films. The judges are also owners of their own production companies and projects.

Competing Artists

The artists competing for top awards and prizes, can also include their creation in a movie production or TV project. They are proficient sculptors, leading make-up effect artists, film industry lab technicians, film makers, Make-up Designory's Master Program students and many who may own their own special effects or concept design business.

Theme challenges

When their themed creation challenges are presented, it can include themes that feature topics such as:

  • Create warlocks or witches
  • Create a family of deranged, murderous mutants
  • Create intergalactic aliens
  • Create Mad Max-esque post apocalyptic driver
  • Create human-to-monster transformation
  • Create fantastical creatures who are complete opposites
  • Create an angel and a devil character and merge them onto one model.

Models and Creatures

Another component that makes Face Off an entertaining reality program are the models who will become these creations. Who are they? To see them transformed from handsome men and lovely women, to horrific creatures is amazing. A casting call goes out to actors and models to be featured in Face Off.

Their qualifications include performing improv as an animal or creature impressions. The models also help the artists when time is short, by gluing, blow-drying paint, and applying makeup. All of this occurs while the models are wearing prosthetics, makeup and so much more. Tune into Face Off and enjoy an hour of creature making fun!

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