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By R.J.

Star Wars fans should play Star Wars the Force Unleashed for PS3

Star Wars the Force Unleashed” allows gamers to use the force in ways that we never thought of before. There are two versions – one for the PlayStation 2 and another for the PS3 game.

Every Star Wars fan should play “Star Wars the Force Unleashed” for the PS3. It offers a lot more than just nine stages of exciting gameplay.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed DLC

One of the perks that I mentioned is the downloadable content via PlayStation Store. Star Wars the Force Unleashed DLC content consists of three extra levels that did not make it into the game during development. Also, an iconic character and the levels are features of the Star Wars universe that any gamer will recognize.

Although the downloadable levels are a little challenging, it is without question that they are entertaining and fun. I had so much fun playing and beating all of the downloadable levels that I wanted to replay them again and again.

Differences in challenges

In the PlayStation 2 version of “Star Wars the Force Unleashed,” the challenge factor is a little watered down. I had to put forth some effort, but not a lot to make me sweat.

The challenge factor on the PS3 version of the game was so much more realistic and crazy. I never had so much to do in one minute before in my life. Working hard to stay alive became my job, and the enemies saw to it that it was as well.

Killing the enemies in the game and leveling up your Defense Mastery in your Force Talents makes a world of difference. Many enemies are not shy about using blasters or any firearm for that matter.

The Jedi Holocrons are more than they appear

The Jedi Holocrons in “Star Wars the Force Unleashed” for the PS3 might have many gamers thinking that they are just ordinary holographic blocks, but they are so much more. The Holocrons house lightsaber crystals and costumes from the Star Wars universe.

To put a fine point on it, the Jedi Holocrons are worth a lot of points that go toward the end level score. Which makes it possible for gamers to unlock in-game content. For example, pictures of levels and background information on certain characters.


This is a great game filled with unique challenges and features. Highly recommend giving it a shot.

For gamers who have not played this game yet, you should and max out your Defense Mastery Force Talent first. Trust me; you will save yourself a lot of headache down the road especially on the Tie Construction and the Raxus Prime levels.

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