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By R.J.

Original Nintendo vs Nintendo NES Classic Old is new again

The Nintendo has brought people many wonderful years of gaming, and it is the very first game console that many owned. Recently, a new "upgrade" to the Nintendo was released which has revolutionized the retro gaming world. There are some things about the old Nintendo that makes it a classic and the new Nintendo that makes it great as well.

Old Nintendo

The 1987 version of the Nintendo was the ideal toy for many new gamers, including myself; it was an item of great importance, and it was worth the $20 to $30 that it cost to build that ultimate game collection for the Nintendo. The downside of the regular Nintendo was the cartridges, which were difficult to get working if there was a huge collection of dust.

Despite its flaws, the regular Nintendo still captured a lot of hearts and made many a gamer happy by providing them with countless hours of gameplay bliss that only it could. Make no mistake – the Nintendo will continue to be a classic.

New Nintendo NES Classic Edition

The new Nintendo NES Classic Edition is an upgrade from the classic version with new features such as being able to save one's game and being many times smaller than its older counterpart. It is hardly a surprise that it sold out; the ability to save one's game is the console's most prominent feature.

Thirty games come installed within the game system, which is a plus. The downside to it is that not every game that made the Nintendo legendary came installed on the new Nintendo, which is discouraging and somewhat upsetting, but the investment is still worth it.

The Tie Breaker

The tie breaker between both gaming consoles is that they are both expensive and hard to obtain, it was not long after the new Nintendo came out that it became public knowledge that no store anywhere had one; the console flew off the shelves.

Consequently, it will be a long time before video game stores such as Disc Replay and GameStop get any more copies of the Nintendo NES Classic. The former has remodeled retro game systems that allow people to play their old games, but it is not the new Nintendo classic.


Although the NES Classic is the regular Nintendo's predecessor, the NES Classic is compact and easy to store, which is advantageous because there is never any reason to worry about the system getting damaged in any way; it is almost as if it is invisible because of its size.


The regular Nintendo came with two controllers; the new Nintendo only comes with one, and the other one has to be bought for an additional $10. Although I am against spending extra money on game tech, I can see the necessity; it is still too much in my opinion.

So, which is better?

In closing, if I had to make a choice based on the two Nintendo game systems; I would choose the regular Nintendo. The reason is because I like being able to play all of my game cartridges without being limited to just the 30 games.

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