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By Stormi Clark

Writing your inspiration into reality

There are times when inspiration strikes and ideas flood the brain like a torrential downpour. You can hardly move fast enough to get them all down. Your creative juices are flowing and you're aflutter with excitement. Then, life intrudes as it usually does, with dinners to be made, appointments to be kept, and chores to be done. You never seem to have enough time to do everything you need to do to get your ideas of the ground while still keeping some type of order to your everyday life. Soon, those wonderful ideas fall to the back of your mind and a ridiculous amount of time passes before you wonder why those fantastic ideas are still nothing more than scribbles on paper.

When ideas strike it's wonderful, but unless those ideas are formulated into a plan you can commit to, all they'll ever be is ideas. You have to map out the steps to making your visions a reality. Ask yourself questions. "Why do I want to do this?" "What resources do I have to make this happen?" "Who will benefit from this?" "How much time can I devote to this project?" So many times we get grand ideas but put them outside of our own grasp by only acknowledging what we feel we lack; we fail to realize that we have what we need to get started. When you have a visual map of what you need to get things done you're more likely to get started and less likely to get sidetracked or miss opportunities that will benefit you.

When you have things written it helps you to see a really large endeavor in smaller more manageable steps. Look over your notes and focus on what you can get done, now. Trying to write a novel? Don't distract yourself by worrying about publication, get a good solid outline going. Want to start a cooking class? Gather some simple recipes you feel anyone could make, instead of putting it off until you have space and students. It's easy to lose the fire of inspiration when you start to feel overwhelmed. Life will always give you logical reasons not to do something, but when you break your ideas down you can accomplish smaller task more frequently which is great motivation to stay committed.

Inspiration is wonderful for sparking great ideas but ideas need to become goals you can commit to in order to see results. The best way to this is to write out a working idea of what it is you want to happen. Dedicate time as often as possible to this plan and be flexible. Nothing happens overnight and as they saying goes nothing worth having comes easy, but when you see what you have to do and what you've already done it's easier to push forward and meet your goals. Inspiration can fade and you can wait a month of Sundays before it returns, so it's best to get things down on paper and commit yourself to working on your ideas.

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