How to get through your senior year in high school


Your senior year in high school is filled with challenges, but it is also the start of a new beginning. Start your senior year by meeting with your guidance counselor to decide which career path would be right for you and to discuss college options. Also use this time to create a stronger bond with parents and extended family, because you might see less of them once you enter college or leave your hometown for a new career. Here are additional steps to surviving your senior year in high school.

Exchange numbers and email addresses with classmates

Once you graduate, you will probably go in a different direction than your classmates, but you should still try to maintain contact with them for several reasons. You will have connections with those you knew before you started college and it keeps you grounded. Some of the classmates might also be able to help you locate a job in coming years. In addition, you may meet your future spouse through these contacts.

Get academic requirements in order

Another thing you should do is prepare yourself academically. Look over your school handbook and review the graduation requirements. Make sure that you took all the previous required courses and sign up for the right courses you will need for your senior year. If the state requires an exit exam for graduation, start studying for it the summer before senior year starts.

Have fun and get stress relief

Your senior year should not be only about hard work and planning. Take time out to have fun with friends and loved ones. Every other weekend get together with friends at the park and play sports together. Plan a lunch date with your parents or older siblings around the time of graduation. Shop at the mall for new outfits you can wear to end-of-the-year school events such as prom and the senior picnic.

Start a healthy lifestyle

It is never too early to begin a daily regimen that will keep your weight manageable and reduce long-term health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly. Take care of your mental health by getting adequate rest and meditating.

Decide on a career path

Examine your talents and long-term goals to decide which career would be right for you. If you love playing the piano, you can apply for piano scholarships for collegiate music degree programs. Or if you are interested in retail management, you can apply to different retailers where you will learn the ins and outs of the industry.

Learn life skills

These skills will help you beyond your senior year. Some examples of life skills include driving, money management, cooking, doing laundry, fixing things on clothes, swimming, critical thinking and understanding maps. Brush up on these skills and the transition to adulthood will be smoother.

Being a senior in high school may seem stressful, but with these strategies you can get through it well and with plenty of lifetime memories.


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