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By Marcus Ben

Why include infographics in content marketing campaigns?

Today, content marketing is the leading form of advertising and the most popular marketing strategy, as well as the hottest topic among many marketing firms. Advertisers are increasingly embracing visual content marketing because of the associated rewards, such as more readers, fans, followers, clients, leads, and obviously, revenue. For those who are yet to embrace visual content in their marketing strategies, this is the ideal opportunity to rethink your marketing plans. Envision the advantages of incorporating stunning visuals and imagery to boost your reach, improve your image, and attract new customers.

In his book "Silent Messages," Albert Mehrabian, a psychologist, observes that 93 percent of all human correspondence is nonverbal. Take a look at how humans respond to body language or the reason why silent movies are emotionally so compelling. Visual perception has a profound effect on the way humans feel, act, and behave. How graphics are used can have an immense impact on the way clients perceive a business. As neuroscience confirms, visual content is the driver of engagement, and here are some hard facts on why to include infographics in your content marketing strategy.

Easily viewed and scanned

Studies backed with unquestionable evidence demonstrate that people love figures, facts and statistics. The inclusion of compelling graphics and images results in addictive content that the target base cannot do without. People are exceedingly visual and since 90 percent of the information sourced from the gray matter is visual, there is the need to take advantage of the "optic nerve."

Viral capabilities

Due to the attractiveness of infographics, the chance of their being shared through different social media platforms is relatively high in comparison to conventional text content. During the design, creation and publishing of an infographic, its programming code is in an embedded form, so programmers can easily create a link between sites.

Worldwide coverage

In the current digital environment where online publishing is easily visible with the click of a mouse, an infographic has the potential of providing unmatched global coverage. Compelling and linked infographics, by their nature, will certainly drive traffic to site band blogs through clicks and shares.

Brand awareness

The most powerful means of enhancing brand awareness is through the incorporation of brands and logos into embedded infographics. The viral inclination of the medium makes it easy for it to be linked to a business website and result in a higher search engine index for your website because of the page ranking algorithm. Shares and clicks are key drivers to good performance and the determinants of the importance that search engines place on your website.

In addition to the above benefits, the research needed to develop an infographic will demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to the target market with regard to the subject matter. Infographics have proved to be a viable means of presenting abstract concepts because of their ease in breaking down complex thoughts into simpler informative visuals. As has become clear, in the present information-flooded and highly competitive global environment and marketplace, getting the interest and attention of your clients is the sole key to online success. And infographics help you to achieve just that.

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