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By Raani Starnes

Sacramento, California, as a travel destination

Sacramento, California, is a beautiful destination with a moderate climate and breathtaking landscape. Sacramento is known as the "City of Trees," and two major rivers run through it–the Sacramento River and the American River. Museums and history abound there, as well as plenty of outdoor activities.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is located in the heart of Sacramento near Interstate 5. This 302-acre park, located where the Sacramento and American rivers converge, boasts one of the best boat launches in the area, so it can be somewhat crowded on the weekends. Some unexpected attractions along this expansive riverside park are white sandy beaches and a growing population of wild sea lions.

Sutter's Fort

One of the most popular historic places to visit in Sacramento is Sutter's Fort. The fort was built in 1839, during an era when California was still a part of Mexico. The fort is a significant location in California state history that was abandoned during the California Gold Rush and is now a national historic landmark. The main building is an adobe structure, and employees dress in colonial garb as they demonstrate candle-making and other interesting crafts from the Old West.

Old Sacramento

Another must-see historic landmark is Old Sacramento. Old Sacramento is the perfect place to eat and shop since it boasts over 100 independently operated businesses, which line its cobblestone streets. From river boats to the historic Railroad Museum, Old Sacramento is brimming with sight-seeing opportunities. Enjoy a romantic horse-and-carriage ride and get an old-time photo taken to commemorate your visit. Eat at Sacramento's best five-star restaurants, which are located there. Old Sacramento is a great place to walk around and experience what it must have been like to live in the Old West. Locals know that "Old Sac" is the place to go for gag gifts, since it is home to Evangeline's–the best joke shop in town.

The Jedediah Smith Bike Trail

A visit to Sacramento would not be complete without experiencing the Jedediah Smith Bike Trail, formerly known as the American River Bike Trail. This 32-mile trail is suited for biking, walking and horseback riding. A diverse array of native wildlife including deer can be spotted along the river, and there are many perfect places along this world-renowned, paved trail to stop and fish or enjoy a picnic lunch while soaking up the California sun.


Sacramento is a true melting pot, and its diverse population includes immigrants from all over the world, providing the unique opportunity to observe various cultures living together in harmony. If you are a linguist, Sacramento just might be the best place to find native speakers to converse with in your favorite obscure languages.

Not only is Sacramento itself brimming with interesting people and exciting things to do, but it is within driving distance of beautiful West Coast beaches as well as several popular ski resorts. Sacramento is conveniently located about two hours east of the ocean and about two hours west of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, making it the perfect hub for your Northern California vacation.

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