Why are we so entertained by movies?


What do you consider entertainment? For me, It usually involves a good book and/or a movie or television show that brings that book to life. Have you ever stopped to think just what exactly entertainment means to you? Now how does that apply to the movies that you watch? There are many different genres of movies, from romance to comedy to horror. Whatever type of movie you may prefer, have you ever though about why you like the movies you do and what makes them so entertaining to you? Entertainment can be defined as something that gives an individual amusement or pleasure. There are five basic elements of a story. There could possibly be something to each of these elements that draws people to a particular story and entertains them.


Characters are the individuals that the story is about. Have you ever been reading a book or watching a movie and felt overwhelming emotions over something one of the characters was experiencing? Many people, when immersed in a story, begin to feel as though the things happening to the characters in the story are also happening to them. When I am reading a good book I often feel as if I myself am also part of the story. With movies that have well-developed characters that can easily be related to, it can be very entertaining to watch as those characters maneuver around obstacles thrown at them. People tend to gravitate more toward characters that parallel their own personality and/or traits. For example, if someone feels like others don't understand them or are having trouble fitting in with other people in their lives, they may enjoy watching the successes and failures of a character such as Harry Potter because it makes them feel as if they are not alone.


The setting is the location where the action of the story is located. The setting of a story may, at times, play a large role in how the story is received by the audience. Is the story set in a fantasy world? Many people may enjoy movies that take place in a fictional land such as Narnia or Middle Earth because it is an escape. They get the chance to leave their world behind, even if if only for a few hours, and visit a place far from the stresses of work and daily life.


The plot is the action that is occurring in the story and what the story is all about. There has to be a good, clear plot in order for a movie to be entertaining. How enjoyable a plot is may also vary from person to person. One person may enjoy grabbing the tissues and watching sappy love stories, while another may enjoy the thrill of high-speed chases and fast-paced fight scenes of an action movie. The level of entertainment really depends on the type of movie.


The conflict in a story is a problem or problems the characters in a story need to solve. Everyone loves a good conflict, whether the problem is big or small, there is something satisfying about watching someone, especially a character that one has come to care about, tackling a tough situation and being better for it.


The resolution is the result of the conflict being solved. The resolution a the end of a story often helps to bring forth closure. Movies can often be an escape from the problems of real life. When a character is able to resolve a major conflict they had to face, it may just make resolving real-life conflicts seem just as possible.


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