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By Thea Theresa English

Style guide for new moms who want to look amazing

Getting a new wardrobe after giving birth is challenging but with the following strategies you can look quite stylish. A common mistake some new moms make is attempting to squeeze in their pre-pregnancy outfits, but this can lead to frustration. You want to dress according to your current size but in a fashionable manner. With this balance you will look great every day.

General postpartum style guidelines

If you desire to appear slimmer, then you would wear clothing that makes you appear taller. Also dress in such a way that takes the attention away from your belly. If you are breastfeeding, purchase some supportive, comfortable and stylish nursing bras that are suited for your breast size.

Leggings are excellent for postpartum wear

Another great thing to have in your postpartum wardrobe collection are a few pairs of leggings in different prints and colors. You can pair the leggings with long T-shirts, peasant tops, and dressy blouses. The shoes you can wear with leggings include sandals, espadrilles and tennis shoes.

Choose loose and comfortable skirts

Postpartum style should also include loose and comfortable skirts since they are suited to your current figure and can be worn in diverse ways. You should try on the skirts before purchasing them so that you are not wearing anything that is too big or small for your figure.

Hide the bulge in belly with large shirts

Large shirts are ideal in postpartum style because they hide the belly you have. But this does not mean you have to continue to wear maternity shirts. Instead, seek out fashionable large shirts and semi-fitted blouses or tops for everyday wear. V neck and U neck tops are best for postpartum style because they make you appear thinner. Off-shoulder tops also look great.

Empire waist dresses

These dresses look fabulous on a postpartum body and they can be worn for everyday errands, date nights or even at work depending on the dress code at certain companies. Get them in a variety of colors and find some cute accessories that complement these dresses. You can wear empire waist dresses with cardigans and denim jackets.

Comfy shoes

You want to wear shoes that are comfortable but not frumpy. Metallic gold or silver flats look great for social outings while neutral toned flats with rhinestones can be worn for daily errands. Wedge shoes and low pumps are also neat to wear with your outfits. Tennis shoes are nice to wear but you do not want to wear these all of the time. Look for tennis shoes in bold colors for extra flair.

Upgrade makeup and hair

Ponytails and buns are convenient but they get boring at some point. Visit your stylist and request a new hairstyle that you normally would not wear. For example, you might get microbraids if you want a low-maintenance yet fashionable look. Throw out all old makeup and purchase mascara, lipstick, liquid foundation, eyeshadow and blush that fits in with your skin tone and personality.

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