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By R.J.

Why a second income is necessary to survive

A lot of people have noticed that times have changed, and so have the necessity of having a second income. It was not necessary to have a second income to do certain things such as making payments on some necessities; the concept of a second income is something that people cannot do without these days.

People that were raised on the concept of one income being all they need have often found themselves working harder and longer just to make ends meet which is no way to live. Here are other reasons why a second income is necessary to survive.

Extra money helps

Many people can agree that extra money helps – money that they can only get from having a second income source. There is no greater love than knowing that the extra money in that savings account will be there if necessary, which it always is.

Along with having extra money, a second income can make a big difference in people's lives – especially if they need an extra $50 to buy sonny boy a new high chair. The attainment of extra money might be an issue with some people, but getting it can be life-saving.

The old ways are gone

Gone are the days when surviving on one income meant that people were taken care of, because they are not. Many people lived by the old ways of working in the mill or working fourteen hours a day to get that one pay check that will pay everything for the whole month.

Sadly, the old ways are gone, and even those who were born during the generation X period are finding themselves trying to find a little job to keep a little bit more money in their pocket so they can feel like their monthly payments did not completely bleed them dry.

The world has changed

The world has changed, whether people want to acknowledge it or not. People used to be able to make a little bit of money, and that little bit was enough to get them to the next pay period; the changes to the nation's resources has changed a lot especially when it comes to gasoline and food.

The monetary value of things has increased

Back in the 1980s, going on a field trip cost no more than $5 to $10 at a time. However, going on a field trip these days are likely to cost anywhere from $25 to $50; that second income is necessary so you are not using that money for something you might need elsewhere.

Many people are finding it hard to effectively counter the fact that the monetary value of things has increased, it has made a lot of people acknowledge that they need a second income to survive and get the things they need. Lack of a second income can ruin people financially.

A second income can be helpful, but its attainment can drain people of their energy; it has become an incontrovertible fact of our existence. A second income will always be needed to survive, but that does not mean that people cannot get that second income doing what they love.

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