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By R.J.

The post-honeymoon phase is nightmarish because couples don't do this

The honeymoon period can be a stressful time for a couple because they face what many couples do – the real person behind the mask, so to speak. However, this "transition" does not have to be the nightmare that many dread.

In fact, the reason why the post-honeymoon phase of the relationship is a nightmare for most couples is due to the hiding of their ugliest secrets. But the post-honeymoon phase of the relationship can be a nightmare if couples do not do the following and stick to it.

Spend time apart

Spending every single minute with your spouse can seem ideal, but it is not. It drove me nuts – especially when my wife wanted to visit her relatives and I did not want to go. Spending time apart can make a huge difference and will give you time to miss one another.

I cannot stand being around my in-laws because their lives are all about drama. I am my happiest when my wife goes to see her relatives and I am at home alone. Spending time apart has done wonders for our relationship, and we are closer because of it.

Always be honest

Many couples have often been afraid of being honest with each other about their true feelings because they do not want to cause any marital unrest, but being honest with one another can save the marriage. Also, you will show your spouse that your feelings have value just as much as theirs does.

It is important to tell your spouse how you feel. Keeping those feeling inside will do nothing, but cause unnecessary problems later so it is important to be honest from the beginning. From experience, forcing yourself to be around people you don't want to be will cause nothing but headache and pain. The point here is to be honest!

Establish understanding

This piece of advice is vital for post-honeymoon couples. Many do not take the time to do this and are miserable as a result; this has even caused some couples to break up. Take the time to establish understanding on some issues and draw a line; it can make a big difference in communication.

Couples who establish understanding about their feelings on certain issues last longer in their relationship and that post-honeymoon phase of the relationship is not so bad for them. Couples who have established understanding argue less and have more fun together.

Make time for each other

The post-honeymoon phase of a relationship can be a nightmare for couples if they do not make time for each other whether it is playing a video game or playing cards; making that time makes all of the difference. Couples find that they are happiest when they spend time with their spouse.


The post-honeymoon phase of the relationship has been the undoing of many couples throughout the years, but if couples make time for each other, establish understanding, be honest with one another and spend time apart, the post-honeymoon phase of that relationship will not present a problem for the couple.

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