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By Kristy Smolenski Nelson

What to wear with your jeans…make the best of classic casual

Are you a fan of jeans? Have you ever thought about the different ways you can wear them? Many men do not realize that they can wear jeans to a nice function, as long as they know how to wear their jeans right. Oftentimes, you can vary your look with the same pair of jeans depending on the shirt that you wear. From casual to a nice outing, jeans can be your pants of choice for almost any occasion. Still need some ideas about this? Read on, and I will give you a few good tips on the types of looks you can create with jeans.

Hanging out around the house

First, there is the “wear it around the house” look. If you are simply hanging out at home, probably the best thing you can do is to match your jeans with one of your favorite comfy T-shirts, and enjoy the luxury of comfort. At home, really, anything goes in your domain, so why not enjoy a favorite Star Wars or band T-shirt while kicking back and relaxing? This is a time to enjoy some of those casual clothes you don’t often get to wear to work and that you enjoy. So have at it, and pull out some of those fun T-shirts for a casual at-home look with your jeans.

Running errands

When you are out running errands, a nice T-shirt can still fit the style mode with your jeans. As long as your shirt is something that could be considered good for a public outing, the T-shirt will work. You also have the option of going with a nice polo shirt if you want to up your look a bit and still stay casual. The polo gives the fit of a T-shirt with a little extra sophistication on top of it, but still comes across as casual when matched with jeans. The look is also great just in case you meet somebody fantastic and new while you are out, especially if it is a female. You always want to be somewhat prepared for this with a nice but still casual “running errands” look.

Going out with friends

Now, when you are going out to a nice place with your friends, you probably want to dress those jeans up a bit more beyond a T-shirt or a polo shirt. You want to look nice, but still casual. So, what do you do? This is where those button-up shirts can come in handy. They appear nicer than the other shirt types mentioned, and paired with jeans, still casual enough to not be too overwhelming for a social outing with people you know. You want to look good, but not over the top, so go with a nice button-up. If you want, you can always add a spice of color, too, as jeans match just about anything. So if you have a colored button-up you want to wear, this would be a good time to go for it. You can also top it off with a nice blazer to look even better at your social event.

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