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By Kristy Smolenski Nelson

Get a classic for your wardrobe … the little black dress

When gauging what to wear for the season, why not pick out something that can last you all year? We all know this classic staple as the little black dress. Every girl certainly needs at least one, if not five, in her closet. Not only is this type of dress a fantastic fallback plan, but it is also always in fashion and the kind of dress you can wear all year long. There are several reasons why you need to make sure you have at least one of these in your closet this season.

First, this dress is affordable and the dress that you can wear every season of the year. If that is not cost-effective, I am not sure what is. Black dresses are many and varied, and easy to find at your favorite clothing stores. Therefore, you do not need to purchase one that is extremely expensive to fit this fashion trend; just find one that is in your budget. And if you already have one, why not get another? Since they are so widely available and useful as a yearly fashion trend, it is always profitable to get an additional to add to your wardrobe.

Continuing with this "affordable" concept, the dress is ideal for mixing up fashions. You can wear the same dress several times but make an entirely new fashion look each time if you vary how you are accessorizing the dress. Since black dresses match with anything, you can always pick a contrasting fresh color, like green, for a matching necklace, belt, and shoes, all green, to offset the dress. And the best thing about this fashion suggestion is that you can take this same approach with many colors. Or, switch the belt with a ribbon tied around your waist. You can also change styles of necklace, from boho to classic, for instance, to vary the look more. Or you can simply wear the dress in its everyday glory, plain with some black heels. There is no limit to how many different looks you can come up with when wearing and re-wearing just one little black dress!

Next, and perhaps one of the best things about a black dress, is that it is a slimming color. The color black always seems to take a few inches off the waist and make the women wearing them appear smaller. This effect is especially true with long, straight black dresses, which help to produce a long, slimming look for any woman that puts it on. Now, who doesn't want to look just a tad bit thinner?

Last, you know you will always fit in with this type of dress. It is the type of dress you can wear for any occasion, and it works with casual get-togethers or well-dressed parties depending on how you decide to accessorize the dress.

So why not pick one up, even if you already own one? A woman can never go wrong with a new little black dress!

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