What real world purpose does television serve?


Television is very beneficial in many ways. What is not programmed for pure entertainment purposes serves to connect the many different cultures throughout the world. Without television it is likely that many people would never be able to understand the world outside of their sphere of influence.

There are programs and series that are hard to imagine being important or at all pivotal to human development. Despite these, television remains a medium that is quite beneficial for the younger generations. Through depictions and true reports about other cultures and regions of the world, those coming generations can learn a great deal about the world they live in. But it is important to be selective concerning what shows and programs are viewed.

Many of those from generations that did not grow up with television tend to frown on the use of the TV as a learning tool. There are many shows that possess little to no educational value, but there are just as many that can be used to educate children. Not only do such shows place emphasis on core learning skills and fundamentals, but they also help to socialize and impart a sense of morality to children.

Before television, the lessons that enabled past generations to grow and learn were handed down by parents and elders. Such individuals made sure that children were well-behaved and educated so as to succeed in the world. In this generation, those individuals are typically busy trying to support their family or are otherwise occupied and cannot always give their children the necessary time. Television is not a substitute for parenting, but can in fact be used to help teach children valuable lessons in basic learning.

It can also show children that the world around them is a much larger place than they realize. Through showcasing different cultures and regions of the world children can learn a great deal about others. Not only can this give them a slight advantage in their education, but it can endear them to those other cultures as they grow older. Imparting a healthy respect for the cultures of others can go a very long way toward teaching children how to treat their neighbors, globally and at home.

In learning about other cultures, children are also able to learn that their own culture is unique and just as interesting. Television is a useful tool to create a concept of self within a child's mind. In fact, it is one of the most widely used tools in the modern era.

The television will never be a substitute for the experience of living, but it is a guide at times when needed. For those families that do not have the means to show their children the wonders of the world, television can be a tremendous boon. The mere act of watching wonders and moments in history can provide a learning experience that's greatly important to a child's mental and psychological growth.


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