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By Thea Theresa English

How you can thrive in a job that is not ideal

You work at a job that pays decently but for a variety of reasons you hate the job. Maybe the projects you're assigned are not challenging enough or your boss is treating you unfairly. There are ways that you can make the most out of a job that you hate.

Do what you really enjoy on the side

This takes some of boredom out of your less than ideal job. If you work as a secretary but you love writing articles, apply for different online writing jobs and write high-quality content for extra income. If you keep up the good work, this side hustle could become your main source of employment and you might be able to quit your current job.

Suggest new ideas to your boss

At your company's next staff meeting you can present some ideas that will boost revenue and profits. If you work for a mobile app development company, talk about your ideas for creating mobile apps that link potential babysitters to new moms in need of services in your city. Or if you have an idea for an app that allows startup owners to locate the latest requests for grant applications, present this in the meeting.

Do your job well

Another way to make the most out of a job that is less than ideal is to do your best as an employee. Go beyond the regular job description and do tasks that your boss has not asked you to do. Dress well every day and be courteous to your coworkers at all times. By doing this you focus less on office politics and more on the work you need to do.

Get additional training

If you love the industry you're in but hate the company, look into getting additional training so that when you decide to leave your current job, you will have the practical experience and knowledge you need to find employment elsewhere. Maybe your current company does not have a lot of room for advancement and it is time for new opportunities.

Be grateful for having a job

While your job may not be the best ever, it is important to show gratitude for having a job at all. We are living in a time when more people are losing their jobs and competition for new employees is very strong. Think about the fact that because you are employed, you can pay bills and support your family.

Think about positive aspects of your job

Even the most dreadful jobs have some positive aspects. Maybe your boss allows you to have one-hour lunch breaks; maybe he welcomes new ideas on a regular basis. Perhaps your boss gives you good tools to find new clients for the company or he believes in giving pay raises for hard work.

Your job may not be ideal. The key is to make the most of a sometimes unpleasant situation and to have gratitude in the process.

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