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By Heath Aric Weiss

Travel safely and have fun in Mexico

Travel safely in Mexico

Mexico is a wonderful country with a rich and diverse culture. Like the United States, Mexico is divided into states, each with its own history. Residents speak Spanish with an accent indicative to that particular state.

The people in Mexico are a diverse group. Like the American culture, Mexicans are made up of a combination of races and ethnic backgrounds. These characteristics make the country a great place to explore, vacation, or even retire.

As in any other country, travelers should use common sense, safety, and awareness. By being aware and safe when in Mexico, travelers can get the most out of their Mexico experience.

The importance of having the correct documents and official paperwork while in Mexico cannot be over stressed. Depending on how one gets to Mexico and where one plans to go, there will be important documents, insurances, decals and other official items to obtain. Among the most important documents to have is identification. Due to new requirements, a passport is becoming mandatory. Combined with a drivers license or state ID, these two items can keep a non-Mexican national safe while in Mexico. In the event of a legal situation, a motor accident or any other important official situation, these documents must immediately be presented. Other documents that can keep a traveler safe in Mexico include a list of contacts, Automobile registration and title, Proof of insurance and more.

A very smart way to stay safe in Mexico is to "Dress down". Simply put, this means leave the gold Rolex at home and where your Timex while in Mexico. Expensive designer bags should be replaced with low-cost travel bags or backpacks. The beauty of Mexico can be seen just as clearly with $20 dollar sun glasses rather than an expensive designer pair. Another great way to ensure ones safety is to not use cash if possible. Never display large amounts of money publicly and try not to imply to others that you have cash on you while traveling in Mexico.

Many have learned that traveling in pairs or groups while in Mexico is safer than traveling alone. Criminals often prey on those without assistance or help. Groups present a difficulty for criminals, wrong-doers and even the police. While traveling alone can be more adventurous, the expression "Safety in numbers" makes good sense. With the advent of modern technology and smart phones, it is now possible for one member of a group to record video of another member of a group that is involved in a dangerous situation.

There are many simple things that can be done to remain safe while in Mexico. Showing the proper respect when needed, having an understanding of the language, and knowing the laws are excellent ways to ensure safety. Travelers can drastically reduce the possibility of a negative experience while in Mexico by following these basic concepts. Planning, common sense, research and preparedness will ensure a positive and safe experience while traveling in Mexico. Plan your trip well and have a safe experience while traveling in Mexico.

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