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By Alyssa Reinbolt

How to stay warm yet chic this fall and winter

As fall and winter are fast approaching, having attire for your children that is both functional as well as stylish becomes the top priority. The following sections will assist in finding the most attractive fall fashion and practical solutions to keep your little ones warm and cozy during any outdoor excursion.

Start from the top

A long sleeve top is a staple in anyone’s cool weather wardrobe no matter the age. It is fortunate this otherwise simple clothing item is so versatile it can be worn casually around your home or dressed up for a holiday party. Examples of long sleeve tops and their versatility are listed below.

  • Lengthy tunics can be used as a shirt or, if on the longer side, a cute dress

  • Use a material choice such as cotton, cashmere, crochet and much more. Materials such as crochet or other woven options tend to have more insulation abilities than its cotton competitors.

  • Lightweight cotton long sleeves are wonderful options for relaxing at home or for kids who love to play outside but cannot seem to keep a jacket on. These can come with an assortment of collar types and designs from polo or t-shirt collars to plain/solid colors or your child’s favorite character or sports team.

Plush ear warmers as well as waterproof gloves will keep extremities warm in the coldest temperatures. Both come in many colors and designs bound to be a chic and useful accessory to any ensemble.

A plethora of pants

When it comes to long pants, one cannot go wrong as the options and style opportunities are infinite as with choosing a top. Jeans are an exquisite choice as they are most often made of thick material that not only keeps the wearer warm but is very durable for those rough and rugged boys. Dark shades of blue jeans appear more dress casual than the faded varieties.

While jeans are considered unisex, young ladies also have the option of leggings or jeggings with or without leg warmers to keep little girl’s legs warm either in accordance to leggings or jeans or a long tunic dress. If you are in an area known for extreme cold temperatures and a little more insulation is needed, some clothing stores provide pants with removable wool inserts that adhere to the inside of many styles of pants. If insulated pants are not an available option, layering clothes (not cotton due to its moisture absorbing abilities) is just as good of an option.

Socks and boots

Covering up cold little toes could not be easier with seamless socks. Bunching of the toes of your kids’ socks in his or her shoes and soggy feet are no longer an issue. As long as the socks are made of thick waterproof materials, you have built up the best defense against frostbitten toes.

However, you cannot go outdoors in frigid temperatures with only socks, so a good pair of winter boots that are waterproof is what you need you purchase. Boots come in a wide range of materials and designs, but with winter snowy weather, those made of leather, suede or rubber are the best bet to keeping tiny toes warm and dry this time of year.

While the change in seasons opens a plethora of design options and ways for your child (and you) to remain warm and fashionable, it is important to keep in mind styles change very often, as does your child’s measurements. Be economical – only purchase what you or your child will wear and items in sizes which leave a little room to grow but not enough to become a safety hazard.

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