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By Thea Theresa English

Train your children to be responsible and mature

Parents are supposed to train their children to be mature and respectful of others, which is a tough thing to do at times because most kids won't always want to listen to what their parents tell them. But discipline and setting boundaries are essential in raising children the right way. Here is how you can raise responsible children:

Be a good example of responsibility to the children

One thing you need to do as a parent is to be a good example. If you need to show up at work at a certain time each day, arrive at that time because your children need to learn that punctuality is an aspect of being responsible. Or if you owe some friends money, let the children see you repay what you borrowed.

Let kids help you around the house

Children need to know that taking responsibility for their duties in the home is important so teach them this by letting them help you around the house. Older kids can do chores such as sweeping and mopping the floor, dusting the furniture, washing the dishes and folding clean clothes. Younger kids can put their toys away and take out the trash.

Create a routine for the kids

Another way to raise responsible kids is to give the kids a routine they can follow. This helps them carry out their responsibilities better. In the morning, your kids can take a quick shower then get dressed and brush their teeth before having breakfast. In the afternoons they can clean their rooms, do homework and assist you with cooking dinner.

Don't bail them out every time they mess up

Sometimes your children will need help when they get into trouble but this should not be done every time they mess up. Children should learn that when they act in an irresponsible manner, there are consequences for it. For example, if your teen has not been studying hard and may not graduate because of poor grades despite your efforts to help him, he needs to experience this and see it as motivation to do better.

Praise their responsible actions

Whenever you see your child acting responsibly, let him know how proud you are of him. If you see that your child is consistently cleaning his room without you telling him, mention this to him. He will want to continue doing this when he knows you appreciate his actions.

Put them in situations where they will need to be responsible

This gives them practice in behaving responsibly. Let your kids walk to their friends' home and stay until the time you set for them. If they disobey your rule, then you can take away that privilege. By doing this you are giving them freedom while still setting boundaries.

Raising responsible children is hard work but it will be worth it when your children grow up to be productive and well-rounded citizens. You can also get help from your spouse, your parents and other extended relatives when you feel overwhelmed. Be sure to maintain a positive attitude.

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