Incredible uses for a coffeemaker that you never knew


Coffeemakers are not just for making coffee; there are other foods that can be made with this machine and the result is less time in the kitchen. One idea is to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Set the coffeemaker's burner on and place a buttered piece of bread on it. Add cheese and put the second slice of bread on top of the sandwich. Flip the sandwich and let the other bread slice get brown.


All you have to do is combine two cups of water and a cup of instant rice along with a few teaspoons of butter. Cook rice according to package directions and serve. This is a good idea if you don't feel like using pots to cook on a certain day.

Boiled eggs

In the glass carafe place three eggs and then add water inside the top part of the coffeemaker. Within 10 to 15 minutes you will have boiled eggs. This makes for a quick breakfast when you are short on time or low on your usual breakfast items.

Hot chocolate with cinnamon

Fill the carafe with three teaspoons of cinnamon, one cup of heavy cream, a teaspoon of vanilla and a few chunks of semisweet chocolate. You can make up to 12 cups depending on how many cups your coffeemaker can hold. This is an easy way to entertain guests at the last minute.


To make grits in the coffeemaker, place two cups of grits in the carafe and in the top part of the coffeemaker pour a cup of water. Cook until grits are creamy. Add other flavorings such as cayenne pepper, black pepper, ground oregano and melted herb butter.

Mashed potatoes

Place two diced red potatoes in the carafe along with salt and pepper. Add water in the top part of the coffeemaker and cook until potatoes are tender on the inside. Remove the potatoes, peel them, season with additional salt and pepper and then add butter and cream. Toss in fresh herbs and mix until well blended.


Take a half cup of penne or macaroni and place it in the glass carafe. Fill your coffeemaker with a cup and a half of water and cook for ten minutes or until pasta is soft yet slightly firm. This is a neat option if you are only cooking for yourself.

Mini vegetable soup

In the carafe combine two cups of vegetables, a half cup of diced onions, three crushed garlic cloves, your favorite spices and herbs, and two drained cans of chicken. Pour three cups of vegetable broth in the coffeemaker and cook until vegetables are tender.

Ramen noodles

Put two small packages of ramen noodles in the carafe and pour a cup of seasoned chicken broth in the coffeemaker. Cook for eight to ten minutes then drain the noodles. Add shredded vegetables, herbs, salt and crushed red pepper to the noodles.

These ideas show that your coffeemaker can be used to prepare a variety of foods, and you can enjoy your coffeemaker in new ways.


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