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By Thea Theresa English

Tips on having a kid's birthday party on a budget

Your son just turned eight years old and you want to give him a cool party at home. The challenge is that you are on a tight budget and you need to plan the celebration inexpensively. Start by sending out digital invites to other parents' email addresses, as this cuts the cost of buying invitations. Also do not include a ton of foods for the party. Kids are likely to be satisfied with a few of their favorite meals such as cheeseburgers, brownies, tacos or spaghetti and meatballs. As for beverages, serve healthy options such as lemonade and flavored water.

Purchase party supplies at dollar stores

You don't need to shop at the big box stores to get inexpensive party supplies. Dollar stores often have neat party decorations at affordable prices, and with DIY skills, you can customize them to fit the theme of the party. For example, if your son wants his party to have an anime theme, buy some colored paper plates and then paste anime stickers from your son's favorite magazines on the plates.

Serve a homemade cake

Of course, the cake is one of the main parts of a birthday celebration, but who says you have to purchase an expensive one from the bakery? When my mother and aunt were little girls, my great-grandmother used to bake their cakes every birthday. If you have a relative who is famous for her cakes, ask her to bake one for your son's birthday. If your son likes cherries and chocolate, the relative can bake a chocolate cake with cherry icing.

Get creative with the games and activities

Instead of buying new games at the toy store, get creative and use what you have at home to entertain the kids at the party. Whip out some old board games you already have and let the kids play a few rounds for small prizes. Put on some music and have the kids get involved in a dance contest. If you have a pool, come up with some fun water activities. Your adult guests can dress up like your son's favorite anime characters and recite lines from popular programs while interacting with the kids.

Let your child help decorate for the party

Now that you bought the inexpensive party decorative items, it's time to let your child have fun with the decorating. Your son might decide to paint the names of his favorite anime characters on the colored paper napkins, while his older siblings are stenciling his name on a huge banner that will be posted on the living room wall. This gives your kids the chance to participate in the preparations.

Keep the guest list under control

You might be tempted to invite the entire neighborhood to your son's party but the more guests you have, the more money you'll spend. It's best to limit the guests to family and a number of your son's good friends to reduce costs. Have your son write a list of friends he wants to invite and then you can come up with a list of people you want at the party.

With these tips, you can throw a cool and memorable celebration for your child.

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