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Remembing comedic icon Robin Williams

Many actors and comedians come and go. They leave their mark on the industry in whatever way they can, stamping their own brand before fading off into whatever obscurity takes such figures. Only a very distinct few ever remain in the hearts and minds of the masses once they are gone. Robin Williams is one of the rare few whose name and works will likely be remembered by generations that haven't even heard of him yet.

He has been seen in countless movies, been the star of his own television show and even been featured on other shows in all his comedic glory. Throughout it all, very few ever knew the real story behind the face of the clown. He hid everything he felt behind a smile and was bound and determined to make the world a better place through laughter. This only shows that during his life he was one of those rare stars that burned brightly and was gone far too soon.

Many of those born in the past 20 years barely know of him, though. Few people remember his many stand-up routines, be it golf or the human body he decided to pick apart with his sometimes wild and often frantic humor. He was a man that did not sit still long, and as the older generation can remember, took his comedy and that of others to new and unknown levels by just a look or a simple twist of phrase.

Comedy was his usual vessel, the one that many knew him by, but it wasn't his only talent. Throughout his career, he diversified with lasting greats such as "Dead Poets Society," "The Best of Times," "One Hour Photo" and even "The Fisher King." His work in films such as "Good Morning Vietnam" was one of those that firmly cemented him in the minds of those who listened and watched. His energy was contagious to the point that people found themselves repeating his lines, retelling his stand-up, and even mimicking his actions and mannerisms from such shows as "Mork and Mindy" and even "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", where he appeared as one of the feature comics more than once.

To think that such an epic and legendary figure was utterly depressed behind the smile he showed to people worldwide was hard to fathom. The day of his death, many people openly broke down crying, lamenting the loss of a truly treasured individual that was suddenly and inexplicably gone from their lives for good. It was a passing that did not sit well with the American public, nor was it one that failed to inspire a round of heated debate centering on whether his death was in fact the suicide it was deemed to be or something far more sinister.

After the media storm surrounding his passing had died down, as it always does, the life of Robin Williams, actor and comedian, was finally remembered as it should have always been. The comedic genius that allowed us to laugh and enjoy life despite all its cruelties endures to this day. Even now, when people speak his name, most still cannot help but grin, and even on occasion laugh.

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