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By Joseph King

The truth about starvation mode during weight loss

Starvation mode refers to the natural reaction human bodies display during calorie restriction. In essence, the body fights back calorie restriction by minimizing energy use in order to prevent starvation. In specialized terms, the truth about starvation mode is a physiological response called “adaptive thermogenesis.”

How fat forms

Excessive food intake results to high energy accumulation, which is in turn stored by the body as fat within its tissues such as the skin and internal body organs’ linings. The body stores the excess fat in anticipation of future use in case of food shortage. Since intake of calories makes your body store fat, excess calorie intake results to more fat storage, and eventual obesity disorder. This means that the body takes in more calories than it uses.

Any weight management program entails a reduction of calorie intake in an effort to have the body utilize its stored energy, which translates to weight loss. In this scenario, the weight loss program tries to overturn the situation of calorie intake verses calorie usage. Instead of the body taking in excess calories and having extra to store, it takes less, forcing it to utilize reserves.

The truth about starvation mode

This is where the problem arises; the body does not view this intrusion to its food reserves as a kind gesture! In an effort to defend its territory, the body takes certain measures in an effort to recover from the sudden loss of fat reserves. At this point, the person involved will feel excess hunger, in an effort to force him or her to eat more and increase calorie intake.

Starvation mode takes over in an effort to restore the previous balance of excess calorie intake compared to calorie output. In addition, the body prevents calorie burning in an effort to preserve energy, causing the individual to feel fatigued, weak and lazy. It does so for you to stop losing weight. Although this phenomenon is real, its influence in a dieting process varies from one person to the other.

Is the whole thing a myth?

On the other hand, it is essential to examine the reasons why some people consider starvation mode a myth. First, the word starvation would mean keeping calorie intake below 50 percent of body requirement everyday during the dieting period. Several scholars have done research that shows that at no point does the body actually stop utilizing its body fat, until it reaches a minimum of 5 percent. This argument proves that the body does not stop fat usage during the weight loss period unless the individual desires to stop.

In addition, the body is said to lower the metabolism rate in order to assist in reducing calorie usage to prevent further loss of fat. It is true that indeed, the metabolism will reduce even up to a minimum of 10 percent. However, a reduced metabolism rate does not equal to weight gain. In fact, the person will continue to lose weight because the calorie intake has reduced to very low levels.

Starvation Mode is Real After All

The above premises do not prove that starvation mode is a myth. Starvation mode is just a bodily reaction aimed at protecting its food reserves from apparent expulsion. The effect may slow the weight loss of a person, but eventually, the person will continue to lose weight. The human body has various mechanisms that are put in place to guide and protect the body against any harm.

Starvation mode is just one of the protective mechanisms. The process exists to prevent excessive calorie burning in order to preserve tissue strength and gene continuity. For a normal animal, the process of starvation mode can be very useful in preventing starvation. Hunger motivates to eat more and regain the lost calories.

Humans are different because they starve for a reason; which is to lose weight. When you start a dieting program, it is important to keep watch of starvation mode symptoms in order to overcome the reaction easily. Humans overcome starvation mode because it is a choice they have made to deal with excess weight, no matter the cost.

Key Takeaways to Maintain Health

Here is the truth about starvation mode: it is a real thing that can affect your weight loss program. Some of the main symptoms as observed above include fatigue due to reduced metabolism and eventual lack of appetite. To overcome these, one should take lots of protein. Proteins are building blocks of the human body, thus they will prevent adverse effects of weight loss and they will boast metabolism. Further, it is important to keep on exercising in order to boast metabolism.

Finally, it is crucial to note that weight loss programs should be taken seriously, and carefully. Everybody responds differently when subjected to dieting programs. The idea is to have a great healthy body and a flexible lifestyle. So, always be keen on the procedures you put your body through in order to avoid any unwarranted discomfort.

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