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How to receive payments online from any country

Making online payments has become the easiest way to make and receive payments with a click of a button, especially in the writing world. As a writer or freelancer, you will be dealing with customers and clients that live in different parts of the world. Making online payments is simpler and more efficient for the writer as well as the customer and client. Some of the most popular and easiest websites to receive online payments are the following.


PayPal is a very popular online website where you can link your credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts you have added all your information you will be able to receive payments from your customers and clients through your email or mobile phone. If you decide to make a business account through PayPal, you can receive payments from your clients and customers even if they do not have a PayPal account.


Bankers Automated Clearing Services (BACS) is a great way to receive online payments hassle-free. Some of the services that are offered by BACS are direct debit and direct credit. With direct debit, a client gives a written consent to their personal bank to make automatic online payments when needed. With direct credit, BACS allows businesses of any size to make payments directly to the bank account of the client.


Payza allows you to receive online payments for free, request funds, be heard and get paid. It also accepts over 21 currencies internationally.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet makes it easy to send and request payments through email, Gmail or mobile phone. All you have to do is add a credit or debit card and request or receive payments with no added fees.


Xoom is an online app service that works through PayPal for you to receive payments online wherever you are. It will keep you updated through text messages and email updates. It also offers a 24/7 support staff.


Escrow allows you to receive online payments through five easy steps.

1. Employee and employer come to an agreement

2. Employer confirms payment to Escrow

3. Employee submits writing

4. Employer accepts the work

5. Escrow pays employee

Pay Simple

Pay Simple allows you to receive online payments with customized invoices that include your brand and logo with just a simple click. It also allows you to input payment due dates. If you decide to make payments by including the due dates, this is how it works: if an employer pays before the due date, a discount is automatically given, and if a payment is done after the due date, there is an automatic late fee charge.


Stripe includes over 100 currencies to make it fast, simple and easy to receive payments in any currency. Even if you receive payments that are not in your local currency, Stripe will convert the currency for you free of charge.


Skrill is an online app that you can register within minutes to transfer and receive payments and you can also transfer payments to your bank account.

Most of these websites will take two or three days to transfers funds and will charge a fee to set up an account or charge you a fee to transfer money.

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