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By Sarah Parfait

The best free blog topic generators

Web users can never get enough of the endless supply of blog articles. They can be engaging, invigorating, thought-provoking, bizarre and often controversial. With an ever-changing world, there are plenty of topics at every blogger’s disposal. However, everyone’s creative juices have dry spells. But don’t fret! Here are a few free topic generators to help you stir up topic ideas for your blog.


HubSpot has the best tool in terms of user-friendliness. It simply asks for three nouns, then it will generate a list of five topic ideas. After running the generator four times, I noticed a pattern in the results. Like most generators, it is a fill in the blank. It takes your nouns and plugs them into pre-existing phrases. Most of the phrases are How-To’s or Lists, but it is enough to help generate better topic ideas. This is a great tool for those who have a lot of keywords in mind, but are not sure which to pick.


Portent has the most unique website layout and topic ideas. You can plug in any topic word you like, though if it is not a noun, the results might be odd. What is great about this generator is that it sets comment bubbles on each section of the phrase to help you think deeper about your topic. This is a great tool for first-time blog writers. It will train your brain to write and think like a true content writer.

Fat Joe

Fat Joe creates topics that capture a younger audience. It is more playful and witty than other generators. What is neat about this website is that if you are an editor or someone who does not want to write an article, then you can click the “Need Content?” tab next to the “Title Generator” and it will have someone write your chosen topic to order. This is a great tool for writers who work for trendy sites or magazines and aspire to keep up with latest trends and topics.


SEOPresser lets you not only type in your keyword, but also choose a description for that word. For example, if my keyword is autumn, then I would choose the generic term description. After I choose this description, it will provide a list of five topics with generic term phrases. The topic phrases are more like fun facts about your topic. This is a great tool for writers who love to educate their audiences.


Impact has the most intricate topic generator. When you first enter the website, it will provide a phrase and let you fill in the keywords. You can then save the phrase to a notepad or refresh to delete it and make a new one. Not only that, but you can email your list of phrases to yourself or your editor. This is a great tool for advanced content writers who need phrases to generate topics with or without keywords in mind.

Make a Website Hub is similar to HubSpot. After you fill in three keywords, it will generate a week’s worth of topics. When the results are in, it will generate more ideas below your keywords, so you do not lose your original keywords. This generator produces more useful topics than standard phrases. The titles are catchy yet classy. This is a great tool for those who want accurate results and usable topic phrases.

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