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By CMStich

How smart technologies are transforming businesses

Technology is everywhere-literally. From smart cars to smart watches, technology has taken the center stage, from what we drive to what we wear. However much our personal lives have been impacted by technology, the business world has been revolutionized, almost beyond recognition, in the past few decades by this technology burst. Have you ever thought about how smart technologies have transformed everyday business? Below, we outline three types of businesses-from your average mom-and-pop store to big-box companies-to see how technology has changed the face of Main Street.

Book a Flight-3 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Do you recall, or perhaps have heard stories about, the days when you needed to call an airline during business hours or order your tickets through a travel agent? It's hard to imagine life without the ability to type "flights to San Francisco" into your browser to explore the numerous options American Airlines and other major companies have to offer. In an article on technology's influence on business, Jane McGrath notes that businesses needed to adapt and change their infrastructure and computers offered a way to organize their large databases, scheduling, and a wide variety of crucial information.

Not only can you order your tickets online thanks to technology but you can also check into your flight, map out your flight route, and receive real-time updates on your flight's status right on your phone. During your flight, you can add the airlines app to your phone and check flight speed, altitude and a map showing where you are. With real-time updates for customers, much more accurate weather tracking for flight safety and delay information, as well as in-flight technology, including internet use, booking and flying have become one of the simplest things to do.

Delivery without the chit-chat

Big businesses aren't the only ones to benefit from the growth of smart technology. Love that small pizza or sandwich shop around the corner but don't love calling? Smart technology has connected small businesses to homes everywhere, offering the ability to order online, save time, and, often, save money. Many small businesses are beginning to use online food apps and offer discounts for using their online service. Starbucks is a major company that has recently added online ordering to bolster business. Why wait in line when you can have your iced mocha ready when you walk through the door?

Spreading the word without saying a word

How do businesses advertise? Be it a small painting company in your town or Sherwin Williams, technology has now made it possible for billboards equipped with special cameras to tailor an ad to the person looking at it. As Jane McGrath states, cameras can approximate not only the age and gender of an onlooker but also the amount of time they gaze at the ad. Using this information, the ad can change to suit the needs of its viewer. Ever wondered how your favorite stores pop up as you're browsing the internet? Smart technologies have made the world of advertising for business almost a "no-brainer."

Whether it's a big city business or a small town store, smart technologies have given Main Street a facelift for the better.

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