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By Lauren Rink

The benefits of working out with a buddy

Benefits of working out with a buddy

Going to the gym alone can be very intimidating, but the benefits of working out with a buddy are endless. Everything is more fun with a friend around, including going to the gym. They provide motivation, accountability, and someone to talk to. So why go alone, when you can go with a buddy?

Here are some of the numerous benefits of working out with a buddy:

You'll work out more often

Having a buddy gives you a reason to go to the gym every single day. They will want to go along with you. It gives you something to look forward to. Your buddy will provide a form of accountability to make sure that you are staying on track with your workout plan.

You'll stick with it longer (and get better results)

When you are in the gym, you usually have some pretty specific goals. Your buddy will be right alongside you, pushing you to achieve those goals. And not only will they be helping you, but you will be helping them achieve their goals. This cultivates a relationship and a bond. You may find yourself becoming obsessed with meeting your fitness goals.

This person is counting on you to be on track with them

Again with the accountability, your buddy will not allow you to slack off. You have to work together to stay on track and stay in the gym regularly. You will be a strong source of motivation for each other.

It makes you more accountable regarding proper nutrition

Working out in general makes you much more aware of what you eat. Working out with a friend gives you someone to tell about your eating habits and what you want to change. You both will be able to set rules for nutrition, and work toward similar goals of health.

You are forced to plan workouts in advance

No more going to the gym with no plan. Your buddy will always have something they want to work on, and you will want to have it all written down to make the most of your time. You will be able to have "leg days" and "arm days" that are consistent. Your buddy should be able to predict what you will be doing at the gym each day.

You have to show up to meet that person

They are expecting you! You told them you would be there. You can't just not show up. So get on your tennis shoes and get in the gym, or your buddy will be very disappointed in you.

You'll work harder and be more motivated

Your buddy will always be watching you working out. There will be no slacking, because let's be real, everything in life is a competition. You will be motivated to reach those goals as quickly as possible so you can move on to bigger and harder goals. You will be able to motivate your buddy just as much as they motivate you.

You'll have more fun

Anything is more fun when someone is with you. The same goes with the gym. You can talk about the news, or the basketball game on TV last night. You can laugh about things that happen at home. It takes the embarrassment and intimidation factor out of the gym.

Time goes by faster

When you are exercising with your buddy, everything goes faster. The 10 reps don't seem to last as long, and the 30 minutes on the treadmill fly by. You'll be so much less worried about when you're done, and more focused on your buddy and yourself.

So get out there, and find yourself a workout buddy. It can be someone you know personally, or a new friend who's always at the gym when you are. Don't be afraid to just ask. The benefits are endless.

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