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By The Quiet Voice

Kurt Cobain, misunderstood genius of an era

Every generation has its innovators, its revolutionaries and those who simply change the pace of the world in their own way. In the ‘90s a young man from Aberdeen, Washington, changed an entire generation with his words and his music. That man was Kurt Cobain.

The music scene had for a long time been dominated by new up-and-comers that were labeled as big hair bands, R&B singers, rappers, and rock-and-roll bands. When Kurt Cobain and Nirvana came along they were set into a niche that had for a long time been ignored and even under-appreciated. When their first hits were heard by the millennial generation they became instant hits, and Cobain became in the minds of many a living legend.

Despite his fame, though, Cobain didn't seem to fit into the limelight as so many other music personalities did. He didn't enjoy the fame, and in truth he made every attempt to keep away from the media, preferring to live his life on his own terms and staying away from the inherent troubles that a high-profile life could bring.

His lyrics were edgy; they were considered dangerous by some and suicidal by others. To a legion of fans, though, they were raw, energetic, and touched an entire generation in more ways than any band to date had ever accomplished. Through Nirvana and his own troubled imagination Cobain managed to create a following unlike anything the music industry had seen in some time.

Looking upon his life many would claim that he was troubled from the start. Some theorized that this was where a large portion of his lyrics came from, and there was no doubt some truth to this. Having endured the split of his mother and father as a young boy, Cobain was often seen as directionless, an emotionally disturbed youth in a nation that was already filled to capacity with such individuals.
When Cobain opened his mouth the current generation listened. This individual understood them, he spoke their language, and he managed to convey their feelings into songs that pulled at their emotions. He was the quintessential voice of the early ‘90s, and in the view of many was gone too soon. Like many stars that burn too brightly for their own good, Cobain was found dead in his home in Seattle, Washington, in 1994.

Even in death, however, he proved to be an influence that was too great to ignore. In this current day he is still a common voice among those who weathered the emotional, angst-ridden scene of the ‘90s. His voice and his lyrics are still a constant presence that reminds them of how they managed to get through their teenage years.

Whether he was a voice of the masses, a musical genius or a troubled junkie whose words spoke to those like him, Kurt Cobain held a strong influence upon a generation. Through his words many found both peace of mind and solidarity. Content didn't matter when listening to his words, only the feeling that he understood his listeners.

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