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By R.J.

'Tales of the Abyss' review, a game that can be seen as both good and bad

"Tales of the Abyss" is a game that has come to be known as both boring and exciting in many aspects. It can keep a gamer on the edge of their seat or make them quit due to the length of it; it has done both to gamers – myself included.

The game can be entertaining in a lot of respects, but it can leave many gamers feeling as if they are not quite getting their money's worth out of the game, especially if they start feeling bored mid-game or toward the end of the second half.

There are other noticeable aspects about "Tales of the Abyss" that has turned it into a game that provides an enjoyable experience, and a roundabout nightmare of revisiting towns, the game can cause gamers to sever ties with it over that alone along with other things.

Game is too long

The length of the game might not seem as if it is a big deal at first, but the more the gamer plays, the more they begin to discover that the length of the game is entirely too much for them to handle. Unarguably, the length of a role playing game is not an issue, as it promotes increased levels of power and exploration of the landscape around them giving the gamer a chance to challenge themselves to the dangers of that environment, it is a different story in "Tales of the Abyss."

Backtracking is a major disturbance

Backtracking in many games is beneficial and fun to the glee of the gamer. Backtracking in "Tales of the Abyss" is a nightmare that many gamers can do without, and there is no point in that, especially when the gamer has to backtrack to get the refined flight stone in part two of the game which, in itself, is a headache.

Part three of the game was unnecessary

Part three of the game was completely unnecessary. Gamers can relate to a person trying to find themselves, but "Tales of the Abyss" went too far once again with dragging out the story which it did not need to. The game should have stopped after destroying Van in Chapter 2.

I honestly cannot say why part three was even in the game, which included Anise's betrayal, which should have been taken care of in Chapter 2 also, but as it turns out, the game developers needed more time to perfect their masterpiece, which part three made sure it was not.

The possibility of replaying it is non-existent

The verdict – replaying the game is impossible given the reasons I gave and more; I cannot replay a game where I have to forcefully remember to backtrack to the first town in the game because it could mess up the rest of my adventure if I do not.


"Tales of the Abyss" had the right elements and everything it needed to be great but fell short in a lot of areas that could have been improved upon to make it great. It is up to the gamers if they want to get this game, they could like it or hate it.

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