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By Vasanth Simon

Granite Countertop Color Options for the Kitchen

Granite countertops are sold in a variety of colors including white, black and beige. Select a color that is appealing and matches the surrounding kitchen decor. It will make a lovely addition to the home.

White granite creates an open and airy atmosphere

Several kitchen design ideas center around white granite. It creates a classic, homey look when used along the walls and on islands. Alpine White is a popular type of white granite excavated from the stone quarries of Brazil. It has a polished finish, and it carries the Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification.

Black granite creates a luxurious look

Black countertops are striking and stylish. Some popular types of black granite include Absolute Black, Black Galaxy and Impala Black. There are several quarries in India that contain black granite. Most stones are polished, feature a uniform texture and color and they are available for sale as tiles or slabs. Black granite is suitable for regions that experience freezing climates.

Gray granite appears professional and sophisticated

If you like the coffeehouse ambience, then consider adding gray granite countertops to the kitchen. There are hundreds of varieties, most of which contain shades of silver and black. Silver Cloud is a popular variety excavated from India. It has a polished finish and medium striations.

Beige granite countertops are neutral yet beautiful

Colonial Cream and Sienna Beige are two popular beige granite stones. Colonial Cream has a light, sandy texture that looks great near windows. It is found in the granite quarries of India. Sienna Beige is found in Brazil, and it features medium striations and a darker tone. It blends well with dark colored cabinets.

Brown granite creates stunning contrasts

Baltic Brown is an NSF-certified brown granite stone that is excavated from quarries in Finland. It has a polished finish with medium striations, and it is sold as tiles and slabs. This brown granite complements tan cabinets and contrasts nicely with stainless steel appliances and white cabinets.

Blue granite countertops are cool and visually alluring

There are several blue granite stones on the market including Amadeus. This stone is found in Brazil, and it is sold with a polished finish. It has medium striations, and it is durable in freezing climates. Blue granite looks great with white cabinetry, rectangular-shaped tiles of alternating colors and stainless steel barstools.

The next time you get the inspiration to remodel your kitchen, consider changing the granite color. Islands and countertops with new, lively patterns will improve the appearance of the kitchen immediately.

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