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By Bobbie See

Success in the world of dating

Almost everyone has been on a date at some point in their life. Whether it be a night out at the movies, dinner or even a night in at home. There is almost a million questions and thoughts running through a person's mind before, during and after a date as well as the doubting of oneself or their date. People just need to relax and realize dating does not have to be that complicated.

Simple instructions and steps to ensure an awesome date

The first thing that people should know to ensure the success of a date is choosing the right location. Whoever is in charge of planning the date needs to make sure that the date is something and somewhere that both parties will enjoy. It would be a bad idea to take someone with a fear of heights to the Willis Tower for instance, or to the zoo if the person does not like animals. So even if it is a first date they need to make sure that they at least ask a few generalized questions to get an idea of likes and dislikes. This will ensure that the date runs as smoothly as possible.

The second step to a successful date is getting to know each other to know if they are compatible. Forcing a date to continue can be rough if the two people are complete opposites. People should text, email or chat on the phone before their date to get a better feel on their match. Now if this is not possible then both parties should be prepared for the chance that they may or may not end up with a second date. Both people on the date should be themselves, because pretending to be someone they are not will set them up for failure.

Coping with failure and or rejection

The hardest part of the dating world is rejection. No one likes the feeling like they were not good enough. What everyone in the dating world needs to remember is that rejection is normal and happens to everyone at some point. There is a person for everyone, and without rejection they may not be able to find that person. There are many people who go out on dates and realize that they are better off as friends, and stay friends for life. Remember to keep an open mind and not give up is key.

The dating game is a very tough and scary place sometimes. There are rejections, second dates, and even relationships that have been going for awhile that will end. Then there are whirlwind stories such as my own. I met my spouse and four months later we were married. Nine years and three kids later and we are still going strong. Dating is not easy and not for the faint of heart but can lead to the happiest moments in life. People need to let their heart and brain work together while dating.

Now as previously stated dating is rough but well worth it. Keeping ones mind open and giving another person the chance to fall in love with them is an an amazing feeling. Always remember if the first or second dates do not succeed they should not give up. Good things come to those who wait. Keep pushing and remain patient.

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