What makes TV so addictive?


Do you ever sit down and watch a show and before you know it you have been watching that show for hours? Do you love to sit and watch complete seasons of shows with no interruptions? Well, there is a reason why you end up doing this more times than you care to admit.

Sitting down watching a television show that you are really into is reason enough for some people to be on the couch with some snacks all night. However, studies show that the way that some scenes are filmed can make you become so interested in the scene that you become entranced. They will move the camera around so you will see all sorts of vehicles moving, people talking back and forth and so on and so forth. This attracts and keeps your attention by keeping the scene interesting and not dull.

Another technique used by directors is the suspense-and-thrill factor. There is nothing like being so entranced by an episode or a season of a series or show and they leave you hanging at the end. By doing so they leave you wanting more and will ensure that you will continue watching. In some cases you can use TV apps and stream whole series and seasons at once instead of waiting for the next time it comes on television. This is what they call binge watching, and is very addicting.

Is addiction different for adults and children?

Of course, shows vary for children and adults but the technique is pretty much the same. A child or teenager will be sucked into shows that are funny, does not take much thinking, and can relate to them in some way. Most children's shows have a sense of humor and lessons on life and friendship. They for the most part show that good overpowers evil. In most cases it will emulate a happy and perfect home life that most kids idolize.

Adults, on the other hand, have a different type of television addiction. Some adults will enjoy and watch the children shows as well as adult shows. For the most part, adults will be addicted to shows with lots of violence. This allows them the rush from the acts without having to deal with consequences. Most people would never commit these acts of violence but enjoy watching them on television. Love and sex is another major thing that adults love with their shows. Love stories and romance give people expectations of how their love life should be. The same can be said for the sexual scenes. This allows the views to live vicariously through the actors in things that they may never do in real life. This type of scene tends to make people happy, which would make them want to watch more, hence the addiction.

So, all in all television can be very addictive to both children and adults alike. Most people, however, will not admit to having an addiction to the television for fear of being called lazy. It's easy to overcome this problem with a little effort and distractions. Instead of adults and children watching TV all day, do activities outside. Set an alarm for how long you are watching the TV. You need to give your brain stimulation and don't let the television suck you in.


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