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By by Hilary L.

Six great dog breeds that have improved human life immeasurably

Without a doubt, dogs are not only man’s best friend but are also of great benefit to his literal well-being. In addition to their faithfulness and undying adoration, many dog breeds also significantly contribute to our general welfare. Here are six great dog breeds:

Dalmatian – First exported around the world from Yugoslavia, this well-known, spotted breed of dog is more familiarly known as the “fire dog.” Dalmatians have been a favorite of firemen and their houses for centuries. They are hardy — although predisposed to deafness — and extremely loyal to their masters. In fact, they are renowned for their steadfastness in the face of fire. Incredible!

Bloodhound – Still regarded as the supreme scent animal of all time, bloodhounds have a preternaturally keen sense of smell for humans. Combined with a strong and tenacious tracking instinct, these dogs will find you whether you are an escaped criminal or a lost hiker on the trail. Without a doubt, these hounds have been involved in more recoveries — both voluntary or otherwise — than can be counted.

St. Bernard – The image of the this large working dog as a rescuer — with his casket of liquor – may be a little misguided but this canine has still played a major part in saving many an injured skier. In fact, St. Bernards have been used for over four centuries to save beleaguered travelers from the vicissitudes of the wind, the snow and the altitude in the mountains of Europe. And, not for nothing, the dogs love the job!

Labrador retriever – This breed loves the water and should be well appreciated for it as it makes a great watchdog for families with little ones who cannot yet swim. The Lab is favored by many experts for its use as a disability dog. Blind and autistic persons are well aware of the many benefits of using this dog as an aid, but “capable” people should also learn to love this adorable breed.

Siberian husky – Renowned as the fastest of sled dogs — malamutes and akitas are both stronger, with better stamina — huskies helped tame the Arctic wilderness across all of Canada and Alaska. This breed is blessed with an insatiable work ethic as well as one of the mildest manners known to dogs. In short, huskies will go to the absolute limit of exhaustion for their masters while still maintaining an amazingly amiable nature.

The “Muttnik” – While the United States chose to first send a monkey into space before any human beings were risked in orbit, the Soviet Union chose a dog known as Laika, dubbed by the American press as “Muttnik.” incredibly, she was a stray found on the streets of Moscow. Still, there is no doubt that this particular canine performed a most amazing service for mankind by contributing invaluable scientific information to the space program of the U.S.S.R. She was launched into space in November of 1957. Unfortunately, she died just a few hours after launch, as almost no measures were taken to secure her continued health.

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