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By Sandra Handy

Six efficient ways to write compelling purpose-driven content

Any smart web content writer knows that the world wide web is a battleground where you must keep fighting for to attract readers' attentions. Creating useful, compelling web content that online audiences are likely to read and to share on their social networks is a skill every online writer must carefully hone.

But what defines good content and a great strategy? Merely posting content to a website or blog just for the sake of having content is not a good idea for any business. There must be strategic plans to foster engagement of blog entries and create releases of new purpose-driven content.

Keyword research is also essential to content strategy. When you understand the topics people are searching for and even challenges or competition from various similar sites, you will be able to create the roadmap to creating purpose-driven content for your website. Setting this in motion will improve your content analysis, define your voice and provide inbound marketing.

Purpose-driven content requires some degree of persuasion that changes the mindset of a reader when he desires to know more about the topic he is reading and makes a purchase. In short, the heart of purpose-driven content is merely the right choice of words, in the right order.

1. Lure your audience

Content loaded with a single purpose will undoubtedly attract an audience. If your content lacks purpose – or has too many – your audience will become bored, distracted or confused. Eventually, you will lose them. But when you give your content purpose, and add in benefits for them, they will find it irresistible to keep coming back for more.

2. Know your audience

Anticipate the set of people that you would like to attract to your product or services. Your target audience should influence your focus to satisfy their needs. Publish your content along with videos and pictures to give more information for your audience; never underestimate the power of visual or motion pictures. When you can satisfy the needs of your audience, you are bound to gain more followers.

3. Use the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid)

Most of the time, all selling a product requires is a simple change in potential customers' perception. Do your research on where there can be a change in perception, whether at the price level, the practical level, the need level or the snob-appeal level. When you can discern the "what," you will be able to follow up with the "how."

The tough part of this is the background work of finding that one simple change before you release your product. This is where you need the KISS Principle, which will never go out of fashion when it comes to purpose-driven content. Know what you want the content to do and the action you want your target audience to take after reading your content.

4. Develop a purpose statement

When you develop a purpose statement, you must support the statement with every piece of content you write for your site. If you wish to position your company as a trusted authority when it comes to digital photography, you should focus on ways to create masterful photography. Do not only write content that promotes your company in order to make sales.

5. Keep your content relevant

Your content must be consistent and valuable to your audience if you wish to influence them in any way. This must be kept in mind at all times. Aside from this, your content must also be factual. An inevitable way to lose a customer is for him to know that you are taking him for a ride. The power of information is so high when it comes to selling your product, but you can still lose with it.

When content is relevant, it can be an excellent tool for you to achieve your goal; it can also be an uninteresting depiction of facts and figures. But when you master your skill and perfect the primary purpose of the content, you will likely break down all the barriers that stand between you and a sale.

6. Work with a schedule

You need to work out a plan for when you want to post content on your site. Whether it is a news release, blog entry or other content, there must be a schedule to post specific types of content on particular days of the week. This will help you visitor learn when to check your site for specific types of content.

For any web content to flourish, it must be purpose-drive. Simply having content is no longer enough. When you want to draw potential customers in and subtly steer them towards a sale, purpose-driven content gives you the whole toolkit with which to do that. When content is well-researched, relevant, persuasive and beneficial to your customers, you are well on your way to making robust, purpose-driven content.

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