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By Greg Washington

A look into mysticism and meditation

One may study mysticism or metaphysics their entire life, but the knowledge learned or acquired by whatever means chosen will offer little value to said individual unless it can be applied in a manner that not only improves their life but also the lives of those around them.

To that same degree, one who would appear to be a vault of esoteric wisdom or a walking encyclopedia is not guaranteed a life of love, success and prosperity. One who claims to possess great knowledge but lacks the ability to demonstrate said knowledge in a meaningful, productive way as to advance ones evolutionary trajectory, to him or her said knowledge is nothing more than ash in the wind.

Focus and importance of mysticism

The main focus or practice of mysticism is the art of meditation. Mystical meditation is an expression of love manifested through the various forms of meditation in which the practitioner chooses to make direct contact with universal intelligence or the mind of God. This is of key importance, as the power and intelligence of this universal force can thus be demonstrated in daily life, allowing one to experience the intimacy of life's deeper treasure.

Mystical "second sight"

Mystically defined if you will, "second sight" is the seeing of the third eye or "eye of the soul." Second sight is gifted through the practice of mystical meditation. An individual unlocking second sight may see images in their meditation including but not limited to: an inner light, cloud formations of various colors and images of phenomena that can be flat or multi-dimensional. An individual may also see images from their own memory bank or from beyond the veil or astral planes.

Why practice mysticism?

Practicing mysticism can have life-changing effects on the individual mind, body and spirit. Gifts that can benefit ones path include but are not limited to: an increased awareness of others real motivations; noticed increase in optimism about your life; and noticed improvements in friends, family and co-worker relationships. One may also find themselves being more accepted by others. One will also become conscious of the mind, body and soul trinity in which the soul has developed, thus manifesting demonstrations of positive measurable success in an individual's life.

And so it is

The practice of mysticism is a powerful journey of the soul that can bring about vast change within one's mind, body and spirit. These changes mark a new beginning within an individual, for when these changes begin to occur, the soul will begin to test the individual through whatever way it deems fit as for the advancement of the soul. Do not be alarmed or deterred if life's challenges seem to be monumental, as this only ensures that the rewards will be all the more bountiful. If one is truly on the path towards change, then their work must be judged not by worldly ambition and gain but by ethical evolution of the soul.

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