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By Cassondra Scheiber

Six best Cats for People with Allergies

People with allergies who also love animals often have a hard time finding the right pet. Most people know that there are hypoallergenic dogs, but do not know there are cats too? While there is no cat that is 100 percent perfect, there are several breeds that come extremely close. Here are six great hypoallergenic cats for people with allergies:

1. Siberian

The Siberian forest cat is a unique large breed cat that can weigh around 20 pounds. What makes Siberians cause fewer allergies is their very long and heavy fur coat. It also has a short and tight undercoat. The fur is water-resistant and adapts well when introduced to a colder environment. Not only is this cat hypoallergenic, but the Siberian is recognized as a great pet, because they are known to be smart and affectionate.

2. Balinese

The Balinese cat is the long-hair cousin to the Siamese cat. Balinese have been bred over time to be more hypoallergenic. Due to the single and thin layer of hair on the Balinese cat there is little to no shedding at all. Balinese rank as one of the most intelligent cats and love to interact with humans. This cat is so smart it can even be taught to fetch.

3. Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex cat is a wildly different looking cat. Short, wavy and almost curly hair is what makes for a unique look for this breed. Cornish Rex cats are considered hypoallergenic because they shed substantially less than most house cats. The personality of the Cornish Rex makes a great family pet, because they love to seek human affection. However, this cat, if left alone for too long, can become very mischievous.

4. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex cat is a unique breed, much like the Cornish Rex. The hair is silky and grows in tight ringlets. It resembles the hair of a poodle. Because of this type of hair just like common poodle dogs, they do not shed at all. The Devon Rex is a very independent cat and does well alone. It loves people enough to be affectionate to its family and not cause trouble when they are away from home.

5. Sphynx

The Sphynx cat is hypoallergenic because of the fact that it has no hair to shed. Even though this breed has no hair, their skin is ever so soft. The skin of the Sphynx feels a lot like suede. The Sphynx is an athletic cat – you can teach it to do all kinds of acrobatic tricks. Sphynx are very entertaining and fun pets to have.

6. Siamese

The Siamese cat is a short-hair breed. The coat is uncommonly thin and fine. Like its cousin the Balinese, they shed very little and are a hypoallergenic cat because of it. These cats are very social and are born chatterboxes. The Siamese loves to talk to their people and be the center of attention.

There is a pet for everyone

Some people with allergies are under the impression that they cannot own pets. Many do not know that there are hypoallergenic animals. These six hypoallergenic cats for people with allergies could all be great pets for a family looking for another member. Cats are also great companions for someone that lives alone.

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