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By ReebokPrince

How clothing should be looked at in fashion

Fashion shows are for both men and women. There are different types of these shows. Fashion shows are set up to display new clothing lines that are coming out and some lines that are revamped. A lot of factors are looked at when it comes to these shows.

It is not only the clothing, but the model that is displaying the outfits. There are some issues that are a part of the fashion show industry. A fashion show is more of a woman's show than a man's. There are some issues these days that should have been addressed decades ago.

Perception of models

People see models as skinny and almost anorexic. This was always the perception that society sees and believes a model should look like. Is is a stereotype, just like only white people should have blond hair. Thanks to civil rights and the woman's movement, we all can fight these injustices.

Models come in all shapes and sizes. A specific outfit may look better on one model more than the other. It is not just the outfit that makes the impression, it can be from the skin tone of the model to the size and color of the outfit. The color of an outfit may not look as good on a skinny model compared to a plus-sized model and vice versa.

Outfit, hair, makeup

The number one thing that is looked at is the outfit the model is wearing. Other factors can be how the hair is styled for a specific model. If the hair style does not go with the outfit, that can throw off the appeal of what is being worn. The makeup also can affect the outfit and the hair style of the model.

These all have to come together correctly to make the impression that the seller of the clothing line is looking for. The shoes also have to complement the outfit, the hair, and the makeup. The color of the clothes may not look the same on the plus sized model versus a skinny model. Certain colors of clothing will fit the persons figure.

An example of this is like a certain model of car like a '97 Ford Thunderbird. The red/burgundy color for this model looks really good and makes the car stand out. If this same car was the color of green, it does not look as good in that color.

Color, illusions

The color of the outfit needs to match the body type of the model. The height of the model is also a factor in how well the outfit looks. Some tricks that are used on cloths is giving an illusion of a slimmer waist by moving a belt higher by a couple of inches. This trick is used by people who may have a bit of a muffing top around the waist.

A suit jacket that is worn with some outfits need to flow away from the body at the bottom of the jacket. This will also make it look as if the person has a slimmer waist.

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