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By Thea Theresa English

Reasons why you should consider trade school

College is not for everyone, and some are not interested in college but rather a different career path that might not require a four-year degree. Trade school costs less than a four-year college, and you'll spend fewer years studying, which means this gives you more time to build your career. Trade schools offer a variety of specializations for diverse careers. These careers include cosmetology, being an electrician, plumbing, nursing and carpentry. Another benefit of trade school is that there is the opportunity to start your own business.

The careers gained from trade school are consistently steady

Certain careers that people enter after leaving trade are consistently in demand so you will not have to worry about slow seasons or major outsourcing of these jobs. There is always a demand for hairdressers, barbers, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, food service workers and carpenters. As a result, you have the opportunity for a regular salary and increased options for getting hired.

Classes in trade school are smaller

Another benefit of attending trade school is that the classes are smaller, and because of this the instruction is more focused. Teachers at trade schools are able to offer more one-one time and this ensures that all students have equal time with their instructors.

You help your community in a big way

We talk about how college graduates contribute to the improvement of their communities, but trade school graduates also do this. If a hairdresser decides to open her own beauty school and salon, she will train future workers while also employing them. This boosts the economy in a big way. Or if an electrician lands a few contracts to work for public schools or the government, he is helping the community have better utilities to serve the city's residents.

Your income will be decent, if not great

Depending on the career you enter after leaving trade school, you'll have the opportunity to earn a decent income. Electricians can earn up to $80,000 per year, according to Payscale. And hairdressers can earn $24 per hour or more depending on years of experience and company they work for.

Trade schools promote the use of life skills in a career setting

There is nothing wrong with the use of collegiate skills such as typing, writing, organizing data or researching in a career setting. But the benefit of attending a trade school is that the focus is on real-world skills that you might already have practical knowledge of. Some life skills that trade schools enhance are sewing, cooking, car repair, and woodworking. Life skills are more than basic survival skills. These are skills that can be used to earn money.

Trade schools offer mentoring opportunities

Just as college offers the opportunity to find mentors for your career, the same can happen with trade schools. You can talk to your teachers about strategies for preparing your resume for hiring managers to see. Other teachers and administrators can assist you in getting resources to start a business. Trade school offers these and many other benefits.

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