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By Thea Theresa English

Playtime ideas for babies who are not impressed with toys

My daughter is almost a year old and despite the several toys she has, she is not too impressed with them. She will play with her toys for a few minutes and after that, she will reach for the everyday objects such as the spatula, metal colander, wooden spoons, hairbrush, comb or my smartphone. Just today she had fun dipping my nail clippers and cotton balls in the warm water as I gave myself a pedicure. Here are playtime ideas when your baby does not like toys.

Get your baby dancing

My daughter just loves music, and ever since she was three months old I've been rocking her to sleep with my Spotify playlist. The songs are from a variety of genres and nowadays she slightly bounces to the music with her knees and hips. Music is an excellent way to entertain babies
who are not into toys.

Give your baby safe objects

My daughter has favorite play objects, and one of them is my calculator. She will press buttons and then drop the calculator just to watch it fall to the ground. She also loves to play with my old pair of glasses, plastic cups, Coca-Cola cans, boxes of food, and even her own diapers. This takes the boredom out of playtime and you're not stressed about how you can entertain her.

Take her outside

Most babies like to go outside and this is something I do on a regular basis. While we are in the yard she plucks the flowers, plays with the rocks and pebbles, walks around the yard singing, and gets in some practice with climbing the porch steps with my supervision. Sometimes I put on podcasts or music while we are outside and at times we have lunch outside.

Have a little rough and tumble gently

These days I place my daughter on my back while holding on to both of her arms. Then I walk or slightly shuffle my legs through the house. Another thing I like to do is swing her around and she finds it hilarious. Sometimes I do funny situps with her and I chase her around our room a lot. This promotes physical exercise and these activities are fun.

Make bath time fun for baby

I bring my music playlist in the bath area and then I whip out her favorite sweet smelling bubble bath. As I bathe her, I talk about the amazing growth she has experienced and the moments I can't wait for as she gets older. She sometimes likes to take her towel and splash it in the water and she often stands up in her infant tub.

Tickle her heart out

I now use this as a distraction during diaper changes. Whenever I tickle her she laughs heartily and it brings a smile to my face. I then say funny things while tickling her and she gets a kick out of it.

You don't have to get expensive toys to keep the baby entertained. With these suggestions, you will have a great playtime experience.

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