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By Vermel Thomas

Keeping money close to my heart and safe from harm

Pickpocketing is one of the most widespread crimes in the world. Losing your valuables can easily lead to your identity being stolen. Pickpocket criminals are not easily spotted, especially if you are not looking for someone to accidentally bump into you. It is not until much later that you find that your money, keys, jewelry or credit cards are missing.

Law enforcement officials consider this type of crime, to be a "loss of property" crime. It is an ambiguous crime that unfortunately does not generate a lot of legal interest. There are no witnesses or evidence, and unfortunately, pickpocket crimes are considered too insignificant to be taken seriously.1

Hide and go seek

We must take our security into our own hands. Whenever we go shopping locally or when we are traveling, we must take safety precautions in protecting our valuables. There are many specialty-made clothing products with secret pockets and security features.

We are familiar with running belts and fitness belts. Now, there are also flat, slim pouches that can be worn comfortably throughout the day. They enable us to keep our property safe. These include:

  1. Money belt: a slim money belt is used to hide money, passports, jewelry, cards and other valuables. There are several different models with anti-theft technology and are made of breathable and lightweight material. It is worn under clothing, around the waist.
  1. Magnetic buddy pouch: a breathable pouch that can attach to any waistband magnetically. It closes using Velcro. It is sweat-proof and chafe-free.
  1. Arm pocket: breathable material pouch that stretches onto your forearm, upper arm or ankle. Your confidence in feeling protected is raised as you wear this product underneath clothing. The slim pouch is designed with zippered pockets to keep your valuables secure.
  1. Underwear pouch for men: built-in stash pocket in a man's fly area. This is a pocket-style cotton underwear, where men can hide money and credit cards. This unique pocketed underwear will also pass through airport metal detectors.
  1. Security socks: mid-calf socks for men and women with a zipper. These stretchable, comfortable socks feature a hidden zipper compartment, that is big enough to carry small valuable items. They are available in a variety of sizes.
  1. Ladies' money bra: a slim pouch which features a zippered compartment and a bra strap that clips on. The hidden compartment is big enough to hold many small items. The pouch is made from breathable cotton and it is comfortable to wear.
  1. Security scarf: this is a lightweight scarf that is designed with a hidden pocket for securing your valuables. It can be worn around your neck or shoulders. The scarf is available in several colors and patterns. This knit scarf can be worn year-round.

These wearable security products help to make you feel safe and confident that your valuables are secure from pickpockets. It is important to remember that when you use them to carry money or credit cards, do not wait until you get to your shopping designation and start digging under your clothing to get them out. In advance, retrieve the valuables that you need at each location and at that moment.

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