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By Thea Theresa English

Put away childish things and embrace adulthood

Have you been accused of being childish by your spouse or good friends on a regular basis? Maybe it is because your attitudes and behaviors do not reflect those of a mature adult. Are you emotionally stuck in childhood or adolescence even though you're pushing 40? If you admitted to this reality, know that it is not too late to put away childish things and embrace adulthood with confidence.

Take charge of your health

When you're a mature person, you will understand the importance of taking charge of your health and doing what is necessary to maintain a healthy body and mind. Children don't always do this so their parents constantly remind them of this. If your parents and siblings continue to send reminders to you about doctor's visits or proper eating habits, this is a sign that you need maturity in this area. Educate yourself on common health issues within your age bracket and be proactive by visiting the doctor and seeking counsel.

Quit the blame games

Mature adults know that they cannot spend their lives blaming others for their problems. At some point you'll need to realize that you're responsible for the decisions you make whether they're good or bad. And you'll also need to accept responsibility if your actions hurt others around you. You must be willing to apologize if needed and then resolve to make things right from that point on.

Get some financial independence

If you constantly receive financial assistance from relatives or good friends, then this is a sign of immaturity as an adult. Take a look at your current financial condition and see where changes can be made. If necessary, seek out a second job so that you can boost your income and savings. Don't spend more than you make and don't develop a dependence on credit cards. Look into affordable housing options and pay all bills on time.

Get rid of the childish relationships in your life

As a mature adult you should think about seeking a committed relationship with someone who will love you unconditionally and who shares the same values as yourself. It's time to put away the childish relationships that do not add to your well-being. By doing this you're on your way to becoming emotionally stable and you'll have something valuable to share with someone else.

Learn some life skills

Knowing some basic life skills makes you self-sufficient and this is a part of growing up. Some life skills you should know include housekeeping, cooking, sewing, fixing minor car problems, knowing how to treat others in different situations and driving.

Communicate better with those around you

We might live in the digital age but you still should have old-fashioned communication skills. Don't talk over another person while having a conversation, and try not to have too many discussions through text messages or email. You want to have face-to-face interaction as much as possible. Pay attention when you are spoken to and smile and make eye contact.

With these steps, it is possible to exit perpetual adolescence and finally grow up.

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