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By zaibi

23 facts about coffee, the world's most important beverage

Are you ready for some surprises?

It is all about the lovely beverage – coffee!

I am a coffee lover. That's why I study this lovely drink a lot. During my research, I found some very interesting and amazing facts about this beverage.

Here are 23 things you may not have known about coffee.

1. Coffee was invented by Ethiopian goat herder accidentally

Coffee was invented accidentally. In the 9th century, an Ethiopian shepherd, Kaldi, discovered coffee when he found his goats were doing crazy acts.

2. New York – A city of coffee lovers

Amazingly, New Yorkers drink coffee seven times more than the people of any other city in America.

3. A psychotropic drink

Coffee addiction in abundance can make a person crazy. That is why coffee is known as a psychotropic drink.

4. Coffee – A life-threatening drink

It is dangerous to drink more than 100 cups of coffee. Never drink anywhere around this limit.

5. Espresso – governed by Italian government

Espresso is a vital drink in Italians' daily lives. The government of Italy controls it to avoid embarrassing situation. The people follow the government rules, even they have their own best home espresso machines.

6. Voltaire – one of the biggest coffee lovers

The famous writer of France, Francois-Marie Arouet (Voltaire), was the biggest coffee lover. He used to drink 50 to 70 cups daily. He continued doing this till his eighties in spite of his physician's disapproval.

7. Coffee – a prescription

In the 1600s, a French Doctor prescribed Café Au Lait to his patients. Later, the people adopted it as a regular drink by adding milk into it. Welcome to presto.

8. Hawaii – the only commercial coffee producer

Surprisingly, Hawaii is the only commercial coffee producing state in the world. Kona varieties are the most popular.

9. Coffee – an agent of legal divorce

In old Arabian culture, a woman could divorce if her husband was incapable of providing enough coffee.

10. Coffee beans – pit of berries

In reality, coffee beans are the pits of red berries. The coffee fruit is also known as a stone fruit.

11. Espresso – nutritious agent

Espresso has more fats than the filtered coffee with a ratio of 2.5 to 0.6 percent.

12. Be still – a comic opera on coffee

Around 1732-1735 A.D., a German composer Johann Sebastian wrote a comic opera – "Be Still." This was based on a woman addicted to coffee.

13. Marijuana – a coffee ingredient

There is a recipe to mix coffee with marijuana. This mixture is a dreamy product in coffee business.

14. Being a barista – the most sustainable profession

People are reluctant to be a barista. In reality, it is a prestigious profession.

15. Origin of the word "coffee"

Surprisingly, the English word "coffee" originated from Arabic language word "Qahwa."

16. Coffee – a controversial drink

During the 16th century, Catholics were stopped from drinking coffee. Pope Clement VIII allowed them to drink.

17. Caffeine – a product for making sober up

A mythology exists that caffeine makes the drinkers sober up. It is true that it sharpens the mind but doesn't make you sober.

18. Webcam – an invention due to coffee

Truly, in 1991, the University of Cambridge invented the webcam to inform the people whether the coffee pot has been filled or not.

19. Bathe in coffee, tea or wine

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Spa Resort provides different spa services to its visitors like green tea spa, coffee spa, wine spa, etc. to rejuvenate their energy.

20. Espresso – the most expensive drink

At Starbucks Corporation, 16 shots of espresso for $23.50 is the most expensive drink.

21. Coffee replaced the beer

During the 1700s, beer was the only drink for Americans. Currently, they want coffee in the breakfast.

22. Irish coffee – warm-up coffee

During the 1940s, Irish coffee used to serve to the American passengers in cold and wet winter nights. Joe Sheridan (the Head Chef) added whiskey to the coffee for a new taste.

23. Teddy Roosevelt – greatest coffee drinker in America

Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th President of the USA, has been known as the greatest coffee consumer in America by consuming a gallon of coffee each day.

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